Taobao sex underwear category regulations

Taobao sex underwear category regulations

On the Taobao platform, sexy underwear is a special commodity category and needs to comply with the requirements of the platform.These regulations help protect consumers’ rights and interests, and can also help merchants regulate business behavior and avoid unnecessary risks and disputes.

Category application requirements

Taobao sex lingerie category has certain requirements for business applications.First of all, it is necessary to have relevant qualification certification, such as industry qualification certification or fire acceptance certificate.Secondly, the physical pictures and related descriptions of the product are also required to review the platform.

Commodity review standard

The sales of sexy underwear on the Taobao platform must comply with relevant regulations, including but not limited to: must be reviewed, clear picture, real and reasonable product description, and legal procurement channels.If you find unsatisfactory situations, the platform has the right to remove or punish them.

About size matching suggestions

The size of sexy underwear may be more complicated than ordinary underwear.In order to help consumers choose the size that suits them best, merchants can provide a size measurement method in the product description and recommend that consumers carefully measure their physical data to buy with them.

Brand protection mechanism

The Taobao platform takes strict brand protection measures, which is also applicable in sex underwear categories.Merchants need to clarify their business brands when applying, and cannot infringe the intellectual property rights of other brands.Otherwise, the platform will take corresponding punishment measures.

Clearly describe keywords

The use of keywords in sex underwear categories is an important means to increase product search volume and order volume.However, merchants need to pay attention to the accuracy of keywords, and must not use false or words that have nothing to do with goods, so as not to cause the platform to crack down.

Preferential policies and regulations

Taobao platforms do not allow vocabulary such as "promotion" and "spike" in sexy lingerie categories for marketing and promotion of sales strategies.At the same time, merchants must comply with preferential policies set by the platform, such as "no original price".

After -sales service commitment

After -sales service is an important part of sex underwear category.Merchants need to ensure full communication with consumers, pour consumer concerns and problems, provide high -quality after -sales service, and strive for good reputation and loyal consumer groups.

Sales method specification

The marketing method of sexy underwear should be moderate, and it is not allowed to use obscene or vulgar language, pictures or videos.In particular, be careful not to exaggerate the efficacy or use of the product, or involve gender discrimination.Otherwise it will be held accountable by the platform.


The above is the relevant provisions of Taobao sex underwear. I hope that all merchants can strictly abide by.This helps to improve the shopping experience of consumers and ensure good merchant reputation.At the same time, it also helps the healthy and stable development of sexy underwear on the platform.

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