Taobao buying fun underwear is not washed and worn directly

Taobao buying fun underwear is not washed and worn directly

With the rapid development of the Internet, online shopping has gradually become the mainstream consumption method of people, and sexy underwear, as a private item, has also become one of the popular products on Taobao.However, some people did not realize an important issue when buying sexy underwear -should be cleaned thoroughly before wearing.The following will be listed on the consequences of wearing some sex underwear and how to protect themselves.

Because of production and transportation, they are often not completely clean to unveil the packaging of sexy underwear.When wearing erotic underwear, these bacteria and stains will directly enter our bodies, leading to various infections and diseases.

Unwaeng’s erotic underwear may contain unpleasant taste, which embarrassing the wearer.And this taste may even become the incubation field of bacteria and fungi, making the bacteria breeding faster.

Bacteria, fungi and viruses are the roots of some diseases, such as herpes, urethritis, Candida infections, vaginitis, etc.And wearing sex underwear may increase the chance of survival of these germs in private, thereby increasing the risk of these diseases.

Washing erotic underwear may destroy fabrics and structures, causing sex underwear to lose its own design, thereby reducing the life of sexy underwear.

Correct understanding and taking appropriate measures can avoid many problems.Therefore, do not wear it immediately after buying a sexy underwear.Before you wear it, you need to soak them in water and wash them with soft soap and water.Finally dry it to wear.

For the sexy underwear bought by Taobao, consumers should choose good reputation shops, such as big -name and boutique stores.The products provided by selected brand stores often be better -produced and packaged to ensure that sexy underwear is clean and not causes health problems when wearing it in the body.

There is also a way to avoid the pollution of sexy underwear -adult appliances for use skills.These utensils not only have little risk of cross -pollution, but also provide another sexual experience.Of course, if you choose this road, you should also read the manual carefully to ensure safety.

In short, it is not advisable to wear when wearing a sexy underwear.With your own health, you must wash and disinfect to ensure the cleanness and hygiene of sexy underwear.

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