Tao Nai Mu Xiang Nai Interest Underwear

Tao Nai Mu Xiang Nai Interest Underwear

As the legendary goddess of the Japanese AV industry, Tomoi Kanai not only has an excellent appearance and figure, but also a well -known sexy underwear model.Today, let’s take a look at her representative sexy underwear style, add more fun to your sexual life.

1. Ultra -thin transparent underwear

The ultra -thin and transparent underwear endorsed by Tomoi Kanai is an excellent choice to stimulate men’s subconscious desire.It can perfectly fit the body curve, showing the wonderful figure of women to the fullest without losing mystery.Through underwear, men can spy on the sexy charm of women.

2. Sling -style sexy underwear

The suspender -style sexy underwear design is elegant and dignified, suitable for women who like temperament.Its shoulder strap shows the shape of the strap, which can enhance the chest lines and perfectly display the charm of women.In addition, the suspender -style erotic underwear is also very suitable for matching with tulle jackets, showing your elegance at a candlelight dinner or party.

3. Open -type sexy underwear

The split -style sexy underwear is a sexy lower swing design that can highlight women’s thigh lines and hip curves, and more seductive men’s attention.In addition, split -style sexy underwear can also increase women’s self -confidence and charm, making you the focus of attention.

4. Hanging strap decoration underwear

Hanging socks decorative underwear allows women to show their beautiful legs.Its design is concise and generous, and it is close to the body while not being restrained.Men can appreciate women’s thigh curves, hips and waist lines through hanging straps, and feel the sexy charm of women more profoundly.

5. Stockings sleeve sexy underwear

Interesting lingerie in stockings is a necessary choice to stimulate the desire in the depths of male consciousness.This underwear is made of soft stockings, which can perfectly outline women’s leg curves.The whole set of underwear includes bra, tops, stockings, and underwear, giving men a comprehensive experience.

6. Dress decorative neck ring underwear

Dress decorative neck ring underwear is a very creative sexy lingerie style.Its upper body part is a dress, and the hem is divided into neck rings to decorate the broken drill.This underwear allows women to achieve sexy extreme state in physical changes. Its style and wearing method are very personal.

7. Zipper -style erotic underwear

The zipper design of zipper sexy underwear creates a feeling of opening desire, which can perfectly show the charm of women.This underwear is usually black, with a very sexy and mysterious atmosphere.Men can stimulate women’s lust and enjoy the ultimate pleasure of sex.


Lace jackets are a very temperamental underwear. It uses a large number of lace decorations to perfectly shape the beautiful lines of women.In addition, lace -made underwear is relatively light, which makes the wearer feel extremely comfortable. Even if it is wearing for a long time, there is no sense of oppression. It is a very recommended sexy lingerie style.

9. Perspective sexy underwear

Perfecting sexy underwear is made of transparent or translucent material, which can perfectly show the beautiful figure of women.This underwear design is simple and generous, and perfectly presents the sexy charm of women.Men can appreciate the lines and curves of women’s bodies through underwear, increasing interest and can meet their visual needs.

10. Decorative chain sexy underwear

The decorative chain sexy underwear is decorated with metal chain, which can add more mystery to women’s body.The sense of weight of the chain and the cold texture of the metal will make the wearer feel unusual stimulus, increase the interest, and also make people have more wild desire.


Interesting underwear is a must -have for sexual life. Among them, the various styles of Tao Naimu Yinnai’s endorsement are not only bright, but also elegant and generous design, and thoughtful details.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can stimulate interest and make sex more exciting and rich.

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