Tame sexy underwear

Tame sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a kind of art, which can bring confidence and fun to those wearing it.However, for those who do not have much experience, it is not easy to choose and wear the correct sexy underwear.In this article, we will introduce how to "tame" sexy underwear to ensure that everyone looks and feel best.

1. Know your body

Everyone’s body shape is unique. The first step to choose a sexy underwear journey should be to understand your body shape.Understanding your body will help choose suitable sexy underwear styles.For example, if you have wide shoulders and small chests, you can choose a triangular chest with a diamond -shaped grid cup, which will highlight your chest.

2. Select the right size

It is important to choose a size suitable for you.The size is too small, the sexy lingerie will hold the breath and hold the body, and the size is too much to cause the sexy underwear to have no effect.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, make sure you choose the correct size to ensure that it is suitable for comfort.

3. Selection of color

Color is also a factor that needs to be considered when choosing sexy underwear.If you want to highlight your own appearance and show your own characteristics, it is best to choose bright or bright colors, which can enhance self -confidence and a sense of interruption.If you want to be low -key and classic, choose black and white or neutral color.

4. Materials

Materials are one of the important factors to choose sexy underwear. Usually, exquisite and soft materials are most suitable.Silky, LACE, and Mesh can absorb sweat and breathability, and you will be more comfortable.

5. Consider accessories

Many erotic underwear have accessories, such as lace, pendant, and so on.When choosing a sexy underwear, it is also a way to consider adding accessories in your appearance.But if you wear some clothes that need a lot of action or move in your life, it will be more convenient to choose those types with less accessories.

6. Select according to the occasion

Different occasions are suitable for different sexy underwear.For example, if you want to participate in a romantic date, choosing a sexy underwear will undoubtedly add a lot of points.If you want to participate in a formal dinner, then choose a festive style that is slightly covered with the advantages of your body.

7. Don’t forget the details

Lace, bow, lace, etc. can enhance the beauty and personal charm of sexy underwear.Note that these small details can make your sexy underwear more colorful.

8. How to save sexy sheets

Properly preserving erotic underwear can increase its service life.It is best to follow the label and use the appropriate washing agent and water temperature for cleaning.After cleaning, you can use a towel to roll slowly and dehumidify. It is best to dry it in town, so as to avoid the deformation or contraction of the sexy underwear.

9. Matching underwear

No matter what erotic underwear you wear, it is very important to choose a supporting underwear.Resolutely avoid combinations of different styles or tones.The current trend is that when supporting sexy underwear, it can be filled with completeness, making you look more handsome and sexy.

The most important element in the use of erotic underwear is personal feelings.Believe in yourself, choosing a sexy underwear that matches your own body and occasions, you will exude glory and show self -confidence, as you are full of charm and attractiveness as you are showing others.

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