tamatoys sexy underwear pull beads

What is tamatoys sex lingerie?

TAMATOYS sexy underwear is a sexy underwear with lapar beads. It has a built -in small beads that can stimulate women’s sensitive parts.In playing, users can use beads to achieve the purpose of stimuli, a different stimulating method from traditional sexy underwear.

Tamatoys sexy underwear and beads

There are many types of tamatoys sexy underwear, including various styles, colors and size.Some are basic styles designed for beginners, while others are very complicated, with multiple beads and solid beads.

How to choose the style suitable for you?

Select Tamatoys sexy underwear and beads, we first need to pay attention to the material and size of the product.Under normal circumstances, beginners should choose smaller size and simple -style sexy underwear to gradually adapt to stimuli.For those who are skilled, you can choose more complicated styles.In addition, for different sensitive parts, you can choose beads of different sizes and shapes.

How to correctly wear tamatoys sexy underwear?

We need to choose the size that suits us before wearing a sexy lingerie.Under normal circumstances, we should be careful not to pull too tightly when wearing to avoid excessive stimulation.At the same time, we can also add lubricants to achieve better experience.

How to clean tamatoys sexy underwear and beads?

We need to clean it after using the colorful lingerie.First of all, we need to take all the beads and clean each bead.You can use soap and water for cleaning, and then assembled after drying.Please note that you must not directly put the entire fun underwear in the water or cleaning machine, otherwise it will affect the internal electronic components and fabrics.

For people

Because Tamatoys sex underwear is more advantageous than traditional erotic underwear, it is generally recommended to use users with certain experience in use.In addition, if you are a beginner, you should also choose the style and size that suits you, and gradually adapt to the stimulus.

How’s the effect?

The design of length and beads determines the stimulus effect of tamatoys sex lingerie and beads, which is relatively strong to create more possibilities and experiences.Through different forms of beads and arrangements, Tamatoys sexy underwear pull beads can bring different orgasm experiences to women.

Brand and price

TAMATOYS sex underwear is a high -quality brand. It has excellent quality and innovative design.Depending on different styles and materials, the price is different, but generally within a reasonable range.


When buying and using Tamatoys sex lingerie, we need to pay attention to the quality of the material and our own way of use.During use, we should pay attention not to be used too frequently to avoid continuous stimulation affecting health.


As a novel sexy underwear design, Tamatoys sex lingerie and pull beads have attracted many people’s attention.If you want to try a new stimulus while enjoying the climax, you may wish to choose Tamatoys sexy underwear and beads, and remember to choose the style and size that suits you.

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