Sweet clip of wearing sex lingerie novels

Sweet clip of wearing sex lingerie novels

Note: The following is a fictional plot for entertainment reference only.

Sweet clip of wearing sex lingerie novels

Paragraph 1: The first meeting

Her first sexy underwear

When she met for the first time, she said that she liked sexy underwear. He didn’t care about it. It wasn’t until she put on the beautiful black lace lace underwear that he saw the sexy she had on her body.

Lace Silk Chemise – 8813

Paragraph 2: Hot Night

Color tone and temperature

In the midnight of summer, the temperature is extremely high.He likes to hide with her in the air conditioner in the house.She put on the red hollow lace underwear, which made him nest in her arms and fluttered her heart.

Paragraph 3: birthday gift

Brown surprise

He gave her a piece of chocolate brown sexy underwear with red heart -shaped patterns and lace printed on it. She was very happy.When she put on it, she was like a piece of mousse chocolate, seductive.

Paragraph 4: Christmas holiday

Truffle and snowflake

During the Christmas holiday, they went to the snow mountain. After skiing, in the hot spring pond, she put on the white sexy underwear, revealing the white back and calf.He remembered those delicious chocolate truffles and tasted with her.

Oil Shine

Paragraph 5: Valentine’s Day

Rose and black temptation

On Valentine’s Day, he prepared a glass of red wine and a rose for her, and then handed her a black sexy underwear.When she put on it, it was so beautiful that he couldn’t help but kiss her incense.

Paragraph 6: Seaside vacation

Woman in the golden sun

Beach tour, they eat cream ice cream, she wore the golden sexy underwear that he was intimately called the "Sun Goddess".Understand.

Paragraph 7: Dinner time

Pink lace skirt

Participating in the company’s dinner, she was wearing a dark suit and a jewelry cap.When he walked to the dance floor, he saw her wearing the pink lace skirt and sexy underwear. When she danced with her, he felt extremely relieved.

Paragraph 8: Walk on the grass

Fangcao and sexy underwear

Strolling on the grass, they picked up the small stones and built a stone pile.She wore the light blue sexy underwear, and it looked particularly clean and fresh against the backdrop of Fangcao.She thought, maybe walking on the grass is the romance that makes love coming.

Paragraph Nine: Beauty in Night

Black tropical atmosphere

On tropical islands, sea water, beach and moisturized air are full of pleasure.After the night fell, when he saw that she was wearing the black perspective sexy underwear, his heart trembled because of beauty.This is a polar beauty, exuding a mysterious fragrance in the darkness.

Paragraph 10: The true meaning of sexy underwear

Beautiful sexy underwear

At this time, he understood that she liked the true meaning of sexy underwear.They are not only pursuing attempts in sexy and sex, but also the way to express love and care.She is the most beautiful on her sexy underwear.


Different underwear styles bring different emotional experiences, making each other’s feelings more vivid.Interest underwear is not only a way of expression and love. It is also a life art that allows us to feel infinite beauty and endless romance.