Stockings sex underwear and underwear pictures Daquan

Stockings sex underwear and underwear pictures Daquan

Stockings sex underwear and underwear pictures Daquan

Stockings erotic underwear and underwear are a sexy underwear respected by modern women. It can not only show women’s figure, but also make women more charming and seductive.The following introduces the types and styles of stockings in the panties of panties, I hope to provide some help to your purchase.

1. Ordinary stockings

Ordinary stockings refer to socks made of silk in the material. The material is delicate, smooth, soft, and comfortable.Black, meat color and other colors, with sexy underwear or sexy underwear, can achieve good visual effects.

2. lace stockings

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Lace stockings are favored by women with their delicate and beautiful appearance.The design of the edge of the lace adds the visual effect of the socks, and it also makes the wearer more charming.They are more beautiful with sexy underwear.White, red and black are the most popular colors.

3. Cross -knee and thigh stockings

Having knee and thigh stockings has a more bold style and stronger operability.They are generally worn with mini skirts or super shorts, which can show sexy leg curves and increase women’s temperament and charm.Generally, black is mainly black.

4. Net socks

Net -shaped socks are also called lace socks. They have the characteristics of clear patterns, clear lines, and transparentness.It has eye -catching, bold and sexy traits, and is very suitable for wearing to wear sexy parties, nightclubs, dances and other occasions.

5. Dewood socks

The designs of open -toe socks can be designed at the toes, which can fully show the beautiful foot curve of women.It is more suitable when wearing in summer or skirts. Generally, meat is used.

6. Stockings

Stockings refer to the length of the socks above the knee, which is warm in winter.At the same time, they also have the characteristics of modifying the shape of the legs and shaping the shape, and have a bold and sexy atmosphere.

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7. Ultra -thin transparent solar

The material of ultra -thin transparent socks is thinner than ordinary stockings, made of highly elastic fibers.When you wear them, you can feel the delicate and soft skin texture.

8. Light socks

Light socks have the characteristics of high gloss, soft feel, and good breathability, and have high comfort.In black, flesh, white and other colors, they can perfectly match your favorite sexy underwear or sexy underwear.

9. Inner pantyhose

Inner pantyhose, also known as tights, can perfectly modify the hip and waist curve of women. At the same time, the soles of the feet are transparent, which is more suitable for wearing high heels.

10. Pantora

Pantyhose is a kind of long stockings that are similar to pants. They are suitable for more formal occasions. They can well modify women’s waist and leg lines, which are more dignified in appearance.


Taken together, there are many types of stockings and underwear underwear. They all have their own characteristics and different applications.When choosing, you need to match a variety of factors such as personal preferences, body shape and wear occasions. It is the ideal one that is the most suitable for you.