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What is a prison uniform sexy underwear?

The sexy lingerie of prison uniforms is a common erotic clothing. It is usually used with the combination of role -playing gameplay, so that the two sides have more stimuli and fun.This underwear looks similar to prisoners’ clothing, but usually adds various sexy elements, such as back design and lace edges.

Types of sexy underwear in prison uniforms

There are many types of sexy underwear in prison uniforms. You can choose according to different hobbies and needs:

Classic prisoner set: including shirts and shorts with black stripes, hot pants with iron chain, silver handcuffs, silver handcuffs and handcuffs, etc.;

Small fresh prisoner set: cute prison suit, such as lace band skirt and black cat ears;

Retro prisoner set: retro -style prisoners, such as black leather clothes and denim shorts;

Improved version of prisoner sets: various improved version of prisoner sets with sexy elements, such as perspective clothing, hollow design, etc.

Characteristics of prison uniforms sexy underwear

The characteristics of prison uniforms are characterized by the characteristics of typical prisoner’s clothing, but also incorporate sexy elements, which can also meet people’s various interesting needs.In addition, the material of the sexy lingerie of prison clothes is also very important. Usually, soft and comfortable fabrics, such as silk and lace.

Skills purchase skills of prison uniforms sexy underwear

Pay attention to the following points when choosing a prisoner’s sexy underwear:

Style that suits you: Choose the sexual uniforms that are suitable for you according to your hobbies and personality;

The size is appropriate: when buying prison uniforms, you must try to buy the suitable size as much as possible, otherwise it will be uncomfortable;

Good materials: choose soft, comfortable, breathable fabrics;

Complete accessories: Confirm whether the purchase of prison uniforms is equipped with accessories such as handcuffs, shackles, etc. to avoid purchasing separately.

Recommendation of the matching of prison uniforms sexy underwear

Matching appropriate clothing can make the erotic lingerie of prison uniforms better. The following is the proposal:

High -heeled shoes: high heels can make the leg lines more beautiful, making the whole person look more sexy and charming;

Leather pants: leather pants complement each other’s clothing, complement each other to make the whole person more deterrent;

Black stockings: Black stockings can emphasize leg lines, and sexy underwear with prison uniforms is more sexy;

Accessories: such as cat ear bands, leather boots, etc., can make the entire shape more complete.

Watch the prisoner’s sexy underwear video online

In addition to buying physical objects, you can also understand and learn the use of prisoner’s sexy underwear online by watching the sexy underwear videos of prison.At present, many adult websites have prison and sexy underwear video resources. It is recommended to choose a regular, trusted website to watch to avoid affecting personal security.

How to correctly wear prison clothes sexy underwear

When wearing a prisoner’s sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

The size is appropriate: the prison uniforms are not comfortable or too tight, and you need to choose the right size;

Keep dry: try to avoid sweating a large amount and dry;

Affordable accessories: Too much or too little accessories will affect the effect, and you need to match according to the situation;

Safety first: When using prisonwear sex underwear accessories, pay attention to safety and avoid accidents.

Cleaning and maintenance of prison uniforms sexy underwear

The cleaning of the sexy underwear in prison needs to follow the following steps:

Washing according to the label: The material of the sexy lingerie of the prison uniform is different, you need to pay attention to the washing instructions on the label;

Hand washing is mainly: prison uniforms are often not washed with laundry underwear, and need to be washed by hand;

Dry drying: Do not use high temperature drying machines or direct sunlight exposure to avoid damage to fabrics;

Regular replacement: The sex uniforms need to be replaced regularly to avoid wearing old or too long.

Applicable crowd of prison uniforms sexy underwear

Prison uniforms are suitable for the following people:

Couples who love sexy game;

People who like characters who like to play;

People who want to seek freshness of sexual life;

People who like to try new things and pursue excitement.

in conclusion

The sexy lingerie of prison uniforms is a common erotic clothing that can be used in combination with role -playing gameplay, so that the two sides have more stimuli and fun.Pay attention to various techniques and details in terms of buying, matching, wearing, cleaning and maintenance to ensure safety, comfort, and lasting use.It is believed that under the correct use, the sexy lingerie of prison uniforms will become a highlight of your sexual gameplay.

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