Son sends sexy suits

Son sends sexy suits

Thinking before starting

I am a mother, ordinary housewife. After reading this topic, I have a lot of problems in my mind: Is this a funny topic?Do children cherish the right to private life?What happened to my son in a sexy underwear shop?What should I deal with this problem?Today, I will share my experience and ideas to help other parents solve similar problems.

Adjust the mentality and respond

When I knew my son gave my girlfriend a set of sexy underwear, my heart was shocked and confused.At this time, I need to calm down and consider how to respond.I don’t want my son to feel uncomfortable, nor does it want to lose the opportunity to educate him.

Accept the truth

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Every child grows up, and our duties are to guide them to become independent.I need to accept reality, recognize that my son has become an adult and has autonomy to determine his own behavior.

Respect the child’s choice

We should respect the choice of children and encourage them to become their own decision makers.If the child’s decision -making is moral, safe and legal, we should support them and let them learn to handle their behavioral consequences.

Educate children to understand respect and understanding

Although we should respect the choice of children, we should also educate children to respect women and understand the importance of sexual health and relations.We need to tell them that sexy underwear is not only a sexy clothing, but also to respect the will and bounds of women.

Help children understand positive sexual health and relationship

We need to educate children to understand positive health and relationships, and emphasize the importance of consent, protection and happiness for relationships and personal growth.We can also provide reference materials and beneficial suggestions to help children understand and explore this topic.

Talk about sexual issues

Although discussion may make people feel embarrassed and uncomfortable, we need to talk about sexual questions and answer children’s questions.We should tell them that there are any questions and doubts to find us to communicate so that they can understand that they have not faced the topic alone.


Encourage children to communicate with girlfriends

We should encourage children and girlfriends to actively communicate, understand each other’s needs and ideas, help them build stable and healthy relationships, and respect each other’s ideas and behaviors.

Guide children and girlfriends from the front

We can guide children and girlfriends from the front, such as providing healthy knowledge, helping them learn to restrain and decide, and maintain the dignity of relationships and personal body.

Respect the privacy of the son

Although my son sends fun underwear to give our girlfriends to us, we cannot infringe his privacy, such as private messages, chat records, call content, etc.We should respect his privacy so as not to destroy the trust with him.

Output view

We should not apply too much restrictions on children’s sexual behavior and relationships, but to allow them to have the ability to respect women and build a healthy relationship through education and guidance.When our son sends a girlfriend to a daughter -in -law underwear, we need to think calmly, respect his choices, and be responsible for guiding and educating to help them build stable, healthy and harmonious relationships, and enjoy positive and healthy sexual health and relationships.