Small videos in sexy underwear shops

Small videos in sexy underwear shops

Small videos in sexy underwear shops

Small videos in sexy underwear stores are a modern way of display. It allows customers to better understand the product and increase their interest in products and their willingness to buy.This display method is gradually adopted by more and more sexy underwear shops.Here are some details about small videos in sexy underwear shops.

Video content

Small videos in sexy underwear shops usually display the design and wear effect of products.For beautiful women’s sexy lingerie and sexy lingerie, the models in the video will put on underwear to show the effect of underwear.For adult sex lingerie, videos can show their functions and characteristics.The content of the video needs to comply with moral norms, and must not be too tease and insult.

Video production

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Video production requires professional personnel and equipment.Sex underwear stores can hire professional producers.They can set up shooting scenes in the store, adjust the lights and angles, etc., and pay attention to details and effects during the shooting process.

Video playback

Sex underwear stores can play small videos on TV or computer in the store.The video needs to be coordinated with the decoration and atmosphere in the store, so that customers can better feel the charm of the product.

Video display time

The display time of small videos in the sex underwear shop should not exceed 1 minute.Too long will make customers feel tired and give up watching.

Video cycle times

Small videos in sex underwear shops can be played by circular.The number of playbacks needs to be determined by the situation, and too frequently will affect the customer’s shopping experience.

Video update frequency

Small videos in sex underwear shop should be updated regularly.This can keep customers fresh and pay attention to products.

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Video effect assessment

The effect of small videos in the sexy underwear shop can be evaluated by data.The store can record the feedback of customers and analyze the impact of the video on sales, thereby adjusting and optimizing the production and playback of the video.

Video production cost

The production cost of small videos in sex underwear shops ranges.Good video production requires a lot of time and energy, and hire professionals and equipment.However, investing in some production costs may bring more returns.

Customer privacy

Small videos in sexy underwear stores need to pay attention to customer privacy.Video shooting should avoid shooting sensitive parts of the face and body.Customers can sign the agreement in advance and agree to participate in video shooting.


In summary, small videos in sexy underwear stores can improve product sales and customer shopping experience.However, we should pay attention to moral norms and customer privacy.During the production and playback process, the store should arrange the time and playback times reasonably, and the cost of production must be considered in economic benefits.At the same time, regular updates can increase customer attention.