Simple erotic underwear making video Daquan

Simple erotic underwear making video Daquan


When looking for sexy underwear that we like, sometimes we encounter some difficulties, such as the economy does not allow buying high -priced sexy underwear, or there is no style that we like in the market.So, have we thought about making sexy underwear by ourselves?The following will provide you with some simple and erotic underwear to make videos, so that everyone can easily DIY’s favorite erotic underwear.

Material preparation

First of all, prepare the materials for making sexy underwear, generally need lace fabrics, ribbons, bands, hooks, etc.You can refer to the list of specific materials in the video.

Simple sexy underwear

Leather Collar With Chain Leash – 7640

This sexy underwear is very simple and easy to make. It only requires very little materials and simple methods to make very sexy underwear.You only need to sew a triangular bra and some simple laces to make it.

Tibetan sexy underwear

This sexy underwear is popular in the European and American markets, and its sexy and gender sense is very strong.You need to consider the support and pressure of the chest during production. You can refer to the specific operation methods and precautions in the production video.

Lace sexy underwear

Lace fabric -style sexy underwear is good for many women.During the production process, you need to pay attention to making lace fabrics into curves to match the curve beauty in line with women’s figure.

Stroke sexy underwear

This erotic underwear adopts a lace -up design, which can adjust the tightness and width as you want.When making, pay attention to the length of the tie to ensure comfort and tone.

Hollow sexy underwear

The hollow sexy underwear needs to ensure that the hollow part is sexy and beautiful. At the same time, the connection between bra and bottom pants also needs to consider beauty and firmness.

Plus Loungewear

Vest sexy underwear

This sexy lingerie style is suitable for gorgeous and sexy occasions. It can use inlaid and hollow design to increase beauty.During the production process, pay attention to the connection between bra and clothing to ensure the support and aesthetics of the bra.

High waistline panties

The design of this underwear can modify the hip lines of women, and highlight the waistline and leg curve to make the figure more perfect.During the production process, pay attention to the measurement and cutting of each part.

Sexy suspender and sexy container

The suspender erotic underwear is one of the most popular sexy lingerie styles. It is loved by women with a simple and sexy design.Proper adjustment should be made according to the curve and needs of the female body when making.

Lace triangle panties

This kind of underwear is characterized by lace fabric and sexy design, which can greatly enhance the sexy charm of women.Pay attention to the details and the use of materials during production.

DIY sexy underwear benefits

By learning the skills and methods of making sexy underwear, we can DIY more unique, beautiful, and sexy sexy underwear according to our preferences and needs.Moreover, making your own sexy underwear not only saves purchase costs, but also breaks the market’s single and uniformity, so that our underwear can truly become a personalized "private work".


In general, DIY sexy underwear is an interesting and beneficial activity. It can not only hone our hands -on ability and creativity, but also bring infinite surprises and happiness.I hope that through these simple erotic underwear to make video sharing, we can master several basic points of making sexy underwear and bravely start their DIY journey.