Shoulder underwear erotic lingerie beauty

Shoulder underwear erotic lingerie beauty

Shoulder underwear erotic lingerie beauty

What is shoulder -free underwear?

There is no shoulder underwear, that is, underwear without shoulder straps, which is usually called chest stickers.It is a special sexy underwear. It is uniquely designed and can perfectly fit the chest, avoid the discomfort and visibility of the shoulder strap, and make your top look more beautiful.Some people also call it "invisible bra".

How to choose a shoulder -free underwear that suits you?

The following aspects need to be considered when buying non -shoulder underwear:

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1. Size: It is important to find the right size. Because the shoulder -free underwear does not support the shoulder strap, it must be ensured that its size matches your chest size.

2. Style: There are many styles of shoulder -free underwear, which can be selected according to your needs and personal preferences.Chest pads, front buckle, rear buckle, zipper type, fixed type, etc.

3. Characteristics: The material of the underwear should be skin -friendly and comfortable.For people with sensitive skin, it is very important to choose a more comfortable style of fabric.

How to wear shoulder -free underwear?

Wearing a shoulder -free underwear requires proper skills to ensure the perfect presence of the chest.

1. Clean the chest and dry it to avoid the adhesion of the body’s oil or emulsion.

2. Remove the transparent back membrane of the shoulder -free underwear and put the unilateral chest on the clean chest.

3. Raise the chest slightly and put the other side in the same position.Make sure that the height of the chest stickers on both sides will not fall off.

4. Put on the right clothes and check whether the shoulder -free underwear is perfectly fit.


Advantages and disadvantages of shoulder -free underwear

Advantages of shoulder -free underwear:

1. Avoid the discomfort and visibility of ordinary braes.

2. Can better adapt to different styles of clothing and have more exquisite shapes.

3. The mild material of the chest sticker can reduce the stimulation of the chest skin.

Disadvantages of shoulder -free underwear:

1. Support and support is worse than ordinary bras. For people with relatively convex belly, the chest is easier to slide down.

2. The use of chest stickers is relatively short, and it is often difficult to reuse.

How to clean and save shoulder -free underwear?

How to clean and save shoulder underwear:

1. Avoid using any chlorine -containing bleach items. Hand washing is the best way. If you need to wash it, it is best to use a mild laundry bag to avoid damage to the shoulder -free underwear.

2. When storing the shoulder -free underwear, the best way is to put them flat in the drawer to avoid wrinkles and avoid squeezing when storing, and prevent deformation.

Shoulder underwear should not be worn

Should not be used for the following situations without shoulder underwear:

1. A lot of exercise, especially strenuous exercise.

2. The weather with strong humidity in summer, because glue is susceptible to moisture.

How to match with shoulder -free underwear?

The matching of shoulder -free underwear is important because they can adapt to various types of clothing, such as::

1. Oks shoulder top: The shoulder -free underwear is very suitable to match off -the -shoulder tops without worrying about the destruction of the shoulder strap.

2. wide shoulder strap top: When you want to cover the shoulder strap, the wide shoulder strap top is an excellent choice to prevent the shoulder -free underwear from exposing.

The price and brand of shoulder -free underwear

The price of shoulder -free underwear is different from the brand. Some popular brands include Victoria’s Secret, La Senza and Calvin Klein.The average price of shoulder -free underwear is between 100 yuan and 1,000 yuan, which is different depending on the material and brand.


Shoulder underwear is a unique sexy underwear, providing women with better comfort and confidence.By understanding the advantages and disadvantages of shoulder -free underwear, choice and wearing skills, and suitable clothing matching, you can enjoy the charm of shoulder -free underwear and make yourself more beautiful and confident.