Shooting sexy underwear show at low angles

Shooting sexy underwear show at low angles

Why is it a good choice to shoot a sexy underwear show at low angles?

During the shooting of the sexy lingerie show, choosing different shooting angles will have a different impact on the effects presented.Shooting a sexy underwear show at a low angle can highlight the body curve and beautiful skin of women, which makes this shooting method a very good choice.So, how should I shoot at low angles to shoot the sexy lingerie show?


Before shooting the sex lingerie show, prepare the necessary equipment.A high -pixel, high -resolution camera is essential.In addition, lighting equipment is also important.Choosing the right light can make women’s complexion more beautiful.If the light is insufficient during the shooting, you can try to use equipment such as reflector to adjust the light.

Filming angle

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What kind of angle should I choose to choose a sexy lingerie show at a low angle?Choosing the appropriate angle is very important for the presentation of the entire scene.Try to choose a lower angle of about 45 degrees to shoot.This angle can make the model’s body curve more beautiful, and it can maintain a proper distance, so that the photo shows the details.

Choose the right background

Background choices are also very important on the effect of shooting.Choose a simple background for the sexy underwear show, which can make the model’s body effect more prominent.Black and white background are very classic choices, and can be matched with different styles of underwear.

Ready to the model

The preparation of models is also one of the key factors.During the shooting, women need to show their corresponding posture and expressions based on their own sense of role and attributes.Therefore, it is important to communicate with models in advance to understand their roles and characteristics.Sometimes the guidance model performs some simple actions, which can bring very good results.

Show underwear texture

In the process of shooting underwear, pay attention to showing the texture of the underwear.If you just stand there and take a photo easily, the details and texture of the underwear cannot be truly presented.Encourage the models to perform some simple actions, or try to let the model go, so that the fabrics and lines of the underwear can be more obvious.

Keep focus

When you choose to shoot at a low angle, keep the focus on the face and body of the models.This allows the models and figures of the models in the photos to be more vivid.Try to adjust the position of the focus so that the shooting effect is better.

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Use different lenses

Using different lenses can make underwear shooting different effects.If you want to show more details, you can choose a telephoto lens.On the contrary, if you want to show a larger visual impact, you can choose a large -caliber wide -angle lens.

Post -use processing skills

After shooting a sexy lingerie show, it is also very important to use later processing skills to improve the quality of photos.Basic post -processing includes tailoring, renovation color and exposure.This makes the photos clearer and brighter.In addition, if you are good at using software such as Photoshop, you can make photos show more visual effects.


To shoot a sexy underwear show at a low angle, in order to get better results, you need to prepare in all aspects.Choose the right angle and background, guide the model to perform some simple actions, use the right lens and lights, and the fine post -processing skills, which can make the photos taken more prominent women’s beautiful figure and underwear texture.Looking at the beauty and sexy of women’s figure, and showing it reasonably, it can enhance women’s confidence and charm.