Shenzhen Dongguan Fun Underwear Factory Recruitment

Shenzhen Dongguan Fun Underwear Factory Recruitment

I first know sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a unique underwear style. It pays attention to the sexy and beautiful of women. It usually uses sexy stockings, leather, transparent mesh, sequins and other fabrics to show the sexy charm of women, making women more confident and charming.In recent years, with the continuous enlargement of social demand for sex, the demand for sex underwear has also increased, and sexy underwear manufacturers in Shenzhen and Dongguan have also ushered in a great opportunity for development.

The development process of Dongguan’s sexy underwear factory

As one of the famous domestic sexy underwear production bases, Dongguan’s sexy underwear factories already have the advantages that cannot be ignored, and their production technology and production capacity have attracted the attention and recognition of people in the industry.

Plan to recruit 8 to 10 employees

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With the expansion of the market and the increase in the development of the company, a sex underwear factory with many years of production experience in Dongguan launches the recruitment plan today. Welcome interested parties to come to the interview.It is reported that the factory plans to recruit 8 to 10 new employees. There is no limit on education. It only needs to have certain production experience, learning, hard work, and seriousness.

Need skills and characteristics

The fun underwear factory puts forward clear requirements for the skills and characteristics of the hired personnel. Candidates need to understand the production and packaging of sexy underwear. They need to be able to skillfully operate sewing machines and other working equipment. Understand the basic production process and quality requirements.Team work to complete the order task together.

Welfare treatment detailed introduction

In the employee recruitment plan, Dongguan’s sexy underwear factory also introduced the welfare treatment plan in detail.The work location is in the factory area, providing monthly food subsidies and accommodation subsidies. You can get five insurances and one fund payment, paid annual leave system and irregular group building activities. The salary is good, the working hours are regular, and two days of rest per week.

Application process and interview time schedule

Candidates need to prepare personal resumes and recent one -inch photos to send their resumes to the company’s recruitment mailbox.The company will confirm the interview time after receiving the resume, and the number of telephones or email notifications the candidates come to participate in the interview.Candidates need to understand the company’s basic situation in advance before the interview, understand their career positioning and development direction, and fully prepare for interview questions.

Company style introduction

As a well -known brand in the domestic sexy underwear industry, Dongguan’s sex underwear factories have strong research and development and production capacity, many years of production experience and rich industry experience. The designer team has its own characteristics.Favorite.The company has always adhered to talents as the core and continued to pay attention to the training and career development of employees to ensure the leading position and product quality in the industry.

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Development prospects

Interest underwear is a very broad industry. As the social demand for sex and beauty is getting higher and higher, the sexy underwear industry will definitely develop further.As a classic representative in the industry, Dongguan’s sex underwear factory will continue to adhere to innovation and development, launch more high -quality sexy underwear products, and provide consumers with better choices.

How to apply for work

Interested parties can send personal resumes to the company’s recruitment mailbox [email protected], and indicate "applying for the XXX position of Dongguan Foy underwear Factory" in the mail theme.The company’s staff will arrange an interview as soon as possible after receiving the resume of the candidate, and inform the interview results by phone or email.


As an important member of the sexy underwear industry, Dongguan’s sexy underwear factory has been committed to creating professional and quality sexy underwear products. At the same time, it actively recruits outstanding talents and provides better services and contributions to the industry.We believe that Dongguan’s sexy underwear factories will continue to make more and better contributions to the development of the industry.