Shanghai sex underwear clear inventory

Shanghai sex underwear clear inventory

Reasons for clear inventory

Although the Shanghai sex underwear market is prosperous, as the market competition intensifies, operators need to continue to reduce prices and even slow sales.And sexy underwear inventory not only occupies funds, but also occupies space, affects new products and the circulation of funds. Therefore, clearing inventory is an important task for operators.

Way of clear inventory

There are two common ways to clear the inventory: one is discount promotion, and the other is wholesale sale.The discount promotion method is to reduce the price of sexy lingerie single products and increase sales; wholesale sale is to sell inventory sexy underwear in batches, reduce the average entry price, and quickly clear inventory.

Promotional programs

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The discount promotion plan needs to be classified and priced to the sexy underwear of clear inventory, and cannot be cut.If the price is too low, the product is considered to be the case or the quality is inferior. If the price is too high, the promotion effect will be reduced.At the same time, it can be set up with preferential methods such as purchase to improve the attraction of promotion.

Wholesale sale plan

The wholesale sales plan needs to determine the advantages and characteristics of inventory sexy underwear, position the wholesale objects, and choose the appropriate sales channels in the market, such as physical stores and online platforms.At the same time, we must pay attention to the discount amplitude of the wholesale price and the guarantee of the quality of the product, as well as a good cooperative relationship with wholesalers.

Selection of sales channels

In addition to the traditional physical store sales and online sales, the special blocks such as Oriental Fun City and Nanxiang Wharf are also hot choices for sales of stockwear. These areas gathered a large number of interesting cultural consumers, which are suitable for positioning sales.

After the inventory situation

After clearing inventory, how to avoid similar situations that occur again are issues that operators need to consider.It can start from the aspects of selection, purchase, price, sales terminal, etc., and establish a sound sales forecast and inventory management system.

Sexy underwear purchase skills

The purchase of sexy underwear needs to be considered quality, style, and popularity.It can be carried out by visiting domestic and foreign sex underwear exhibitions, online wholesale platforms, and purchasing at home and abroad.

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Wash of sexy underwear

The cleaning method needs to be distinguished according to the fabric and production process of different erotic underwear.Generally speaking, fabrics such as silk, lace require hand washing, and cotton and elastic materials can be selected.It should be noted that no bleaching agent can be used during the cleaning process, nor can it be exposed to the sun, so as not to damage.

After -sales service after sales of sexy underwear

As a private consumer product, sexy underwear is very high.In terms of after -sales service, operators need to ensure a moderate return and exchange policy, protect consumer privacy, and establish a complete after -sales service system to improve customer satisfaction.

The importance of professional sales consultants

Professional sales consultants can provide more professional suggestions and services during the sales of sexy underwear, answer consumers’ questions, and improve consumer experience and loyalty.Therefore, having a professional sales consultant team is a necessary condition for operators.


Clearing inventory is an inevitable task of the sexy underwear industry.In the process of clearing the inventory, it is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as the quality, characteristics, positioning sales, and promotion methods of sexy underwear to avoid the decline in price warfare and after -sales service quality, thereby achieving the long -term development of sexy underwear brands.