Shanghai sex lingerie massage

Shanghai sex lingerie massage

Shanghai sex lingerie massage

With the growing demand for sexual life, sexy underwear massage gradually becomes hot.As an international metropolis, Shanghai also naturally has its own sexy underwear massage shop.This article will introduce the relevant knowledge and precautions of Shanghai sex underwear massage.

Choose the right underwear

The first step is to choose a suitable sexy underwear.This underwear must conform to its own figure and style, but also to mobilize emotions and sexual desire.When choosing underwear, it is recommended to choose some famous brands and brand -guaranteed products, so the quality and effect will be more secure.

Reservation shop you like

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If you are the first time you try sexy underwear massage, it is recommended that you investigate and make an appointment.In Shanghai, there are many sexy underwear massage shops. You can obtain relevant information through search engines, social media and other channels and make appointments.When making an appointment, pay attention to the matters you need to pay attention to in advance.

Pay attention to hygiene and privacy

In sexual underwear massage, hygiene and privacy protection is particularly important.Therefore, when choosing a shop, it is recommended to choose a well -represented, environmental sanitation and service specialty.In addition, when massage, pay attention to maintaining your own privacy and dignity, and do not disclose any personal information and private topics.

Customizing your own massage plan

When performing sexy underwear massage, you must customize your body and needs.Some professional stores will formulate corresponding massage plans for their physical condition and will to make guests feel the most comfortable and effective experience.

Follow the masseur’s technology and experience

When performing sexy underwear massage, the masseur’s technology and experience are also very important.A skilled and experienced masseur can better understand the needs of guests and help them soothe their body and mind and improve their sexual desire.Therefore, it is recommended to fully understand and choose the technical and experience of masseur.

Experience different massage techniques

There are many different massage techniques to choose from during sex underwear massage.For example, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, acupuncture massage, etc.Each massage method has its unique characteristics and scope of applicability.Therefore, it is recommended that guests can try and experience in different massage methods to find the most suitable way for them.

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Pay attention to emotional communication and communication

When performing erotic underwear massage, emotional communication and communication are also very important.Some masseurs have good emotional expression skills and communication skills. They can better help guests relax and improve sexual desire by communicating and establishing resonance.Therefore, do not ignore emotional communication and expression when massage.

Enjoy the pleasure and excitement of sexy underwear

Finally, guests must put down their body and mind and enjoy the pleasure and excitement caused by sexy underwear massage.Release your emotions and sexual desires in massage, and experience the extreme relaxation and joy of your body and mind.


Interesting underwear massage is a very private and personalized service. It requires guests to combine finely in many aspects such as choosing shops, custom plans, choosing masseuses, and experience methods.If you can find a professional sexy underwear massage shop and perfectly match your physical and mental and needs, then you will definitely experience unprecedented joy and excitement.