Shameful sexy underwear skirt novels

Shameful sexy underwear skirt novels

Interesting underwear designers who transformed into freelancers

Xiao A has just resigned recently and became a freelancer who focused on the sexy underwear design industry.Little A often looked for inspiration on the Internet, and met a man on a website, developing a short but extremely exciting warm relationship with him.They often communicate with the phone through the Internet, and this man seems to have a special interest in sexy underwear, and always describes his thoughts on this underwear in detail.

Sexy underwear for medicine

No matter whether it is, it will agree that sexy underwear should not be a channel for rape or medicine, but one day, Xiao A’s customers show her the latest work, a sexy underwear containing drugs.When Xiao A does not want to help her client to complete this matter, the customer threatens her. If she does not help, the customer will discredit the reputation of Xiao A, so that she can no longer work in this industry.

wrong information

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Xiao A finally decided to ask for help on a forum. She wanted to find other designers to share this experience, but only found a very unprofessional forum.There are many false and absurd suggestions on it, which is confusing.Xiao A decided to abandon this forum, solve this problem alone, and successfully send customers to prison.

Create a perfect sexy underwear

From the limited experience of young A, she has a deeper understanding of the components, compliance principles, and design processes needed for sexy underwear.The sexy underwear she wants to design needs to be matched with various body curves, personality, needs and size.She even asked her special customers to try to wear sexy underwear for her to ensure that each underwear is the most perfect.

In -depth research on sexy underwear materials

Sex underwear needs to be comfortable, soft, breathable, tough and carved material.Although these materials are not very common or easy to find, Xiao A is very familiar with this.She knows how to make every inch of underwear with friction, pressure, elasticity and support, and what kind of fabric they should be matched to ensure quality.But she also understands that the material is only part of the erotic underwear.

Selection of color and style

Little A can create different styles of sexy underwear for different customers, or choose the color and style that is best for them for customers.Because everyone’s body is different, choosing the correct style and color becomes particularly important, which can enhance the customer’s confidence in themselves and enhance the sexual experience.

Relationship with customers

Xiao A believes that the relationship with customers is very important, which can help designers understand the needs of customers and be able to make sexy underwear that customers like.She often communicates with customers to ensure that her design meets their expectations and create sexy underwear suitable for them.

Oil Shine

Change of sexy underwear and gender characters

Fun underwear merchants should realize a simple fact: the demand for sexy underwear in the world is different.However, among most merchants, sexy underwear is designated as women’s supplies, which reflects the stereotypes of gender roles to a to some extent.Xiao A believes that sexy underwear should be a product that respects gender equality and should provide everyone with the same experience.

Make sexy underwear closer to authenticity

Although many sexy underwear has sexual hints, Xiao A believes that they should be closer to truth.She believes that sexy underwear should not be taboo or laughed at, but should be regarded as a complex, modern, transcending traditional product.In addition, sexy underwear should bring income to more people, and can even become a way to make money.


The design of sexy underwear needs to show the same creative power and acuity, which is comparable to any other high -end fashion design works.Interest underwear should be regarded as a complicated, serving individual products, not a explicit, un respecty product.Although sexual taboos are still taboo, the concept of sexy underwear has developed from a monotonous, non -personalized product to a changeable and changeable product, which provides more space and opportunities for sex underwear designers.