Sexy underwear throw garbage bins

Sexy underwear throw garbage bins

Why can’t sex underwear throw garbage bins

There is a wrong understanding that sexy underwear can be thrown into the trash as other clothes, but in fact it is wrong.Interest underwear has unique materials and designs, which requires special treatment methods.Let’s introduce in detail why the sexy underwear can’t throw the trash can.

The material and design of sexy underwear

Interest underwear usually uses softer and thin materials, such as silk, lace, etc. These materials are easily worn or damaged.And the design of sexy underwear is also more complicated. Usually it contains a thin sponge cup or filling, which needs to be handled more carefully.

Throwing garbage bins can easily lead to damage

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If the sexy lingerie is thrown into the trash, it is easy to rub with other garbage, causing damage or tearing.In this way, the fun underwear cannot be used again.

Material is easy to be damaged

There may also be some chemical items in the trash bin. These items may react with the material of the sexy underwear, causing the clothes to change or refracted.It may also cause the material to deteriorate or harden, which will affect the service life of sexy underwear.

Cause hygiene

The garbage has accumulated for a long time in the trash can, which will emit odor during this process.If the erotic underwear is thrown in, the problem of hygiene will be added virtually.What is even more disturbing is that there may be infection in the trash can. Once wearing a sexy underwear, it may be infected by bacteria and viruses.

Unfavorable to the environment

Sex underwear is usually consumables, and most of them will be thrown away after use.If everyone threw their own sexy underwear into the trash can, it would cause pollution and damage to the environment.Therefore, it should be considered how to classify garbage and environmental protection.

Correct treatment

The correct treatment method is to clean the sexy lingerie and then classify.If you can still use sex underwear, you can put it in the storage box.If you are not available, you can consider donating or environmental protection.

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When dealing with sexy underwear, you must pay attention to protecting the clothing itself. Do not tear. Do not use a powerful brush and cleaning solution to prevent damage to clothing materials.

How to protect sexy sheets

Usually, you should also pay attention to the maintenance of sexy underwear to avoid wear or damage.First of all, pay attention to hand washing, do not put it in the washing machine directly.Secondly, pay attention to the protection of the material. Do not wash it with other clothes. Do not use too powerful cleaning solution to prevent damage to the material.

in conclusion

As a special clothing, sexy underwear requires a special processing method.It will not be thrown into the trash when it cannot be thrown at random, which will affect the service life and human health of the clothing, and it will also cause some pollution to the environment.Therefore, the correct treatment method should be classified and environmental protection to reduce the harm to the environment.