Sexy underwear straight men

Sexy underwear straight men


Interest underwear is a reflection of sexy charm for women, but now with consumption upgrades and diverse lifestyle, men have also begun to choose sex underwear to add interest.However, for straight men, choosing a sexy underwear may be a little embarrassing and confused.This article will introduce the types of sexy underwear, purchase suggestions, and wearing skills for you to make your love and love more colorful.

Interest underwear type

Interesting underwear can be divided into many types, common ones are rabbit girl costumes, uniform temptations, SM series, etc.Among them, the rabbit girl dress is a gentle and sweet type, and the temptation of uniforms is more mature and sexy, while the SM series pays more attention to control and stimulation.Straight men can choose the type that suits them according to their sexual orientation and preferences.

Sexy lingerie style

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The style of sexy underwear is also very diverse, which can meet the requirements of various figures and styles.There are different designs such as hanging necks, vests, three -point, open crotch, as well as beautiful details such as lace, lace, hollowing out.When buying, straight men should pay attention to the characteristics and style of the female companion, and choose the appropriate style.

Sexy underwear fabric

The fabric of sexy underwear is also very important, which directly involves comfort and service life.Generally speaking, the fabrics of the sexy underwear are mainly lace, silk, yarn, PU skin, etc. Different fabric quality and gloss will be different.When buying, straight men should choose a soft, comfortable, and glossy fabric to fully show the sexy charm of sexy underwear.

Sexy underwear color

Color is a very important point of sexy underwear, which can convey different breath and emotional experience.For example, black sexy underwear can make people feel mysterious, sexy and charming atmosphere, while red is more enthusiastic, strong and tempting.Of course, different occasions and characteristics will also affect the choice of color. Straight men can choose suitable colors based on their preferences and needs.

Interest underwear size

The size of sexy underwear is also one of the issues that straight men need to pay attention to.Different brands and styles of sexy underwear size are different. Therefore, when buying, you need to carefully measure your body size, and choose the size suitable for you according to the specific product size table.If you are not sure of your size, you can consult customer service or try it on in a physical store.

Sexy underwear maintenance

Sex underwear maintenance is also very important, which can ensure the cleanliness and service life of sexy underwear.Generally speaking, sexy underwear should be washed or machine washed with water, and operations are operated in accordance with the instructions on the label.When drying, avoid direct sunlight and hot wind, it is best to dry naturally in the shade.


Sexy underwear wearing skills

The wearing skills of sexy underwear are also very important, allowing straight men to better show the sexy charm of underwear and their own charm.Generally speaking, straight men should pay attention to the fit and comfort of the underwear. When wearing, be careful not to use too much force to avoid damaging the underwear.In addition, pay attention to matching other sexy clothing and props to form better visual effects.

Spring underwear price

The price of sexy underwear is also one of the issues that straight men need to pay attention to.The price of sexy underwear of different brands and styles is large, but there are differences in quality and cost performance.Straight men can choose the price range that suits them according to their purchase budget and purchase needs, and choose high -quality sexy underwear brands and products when purchasing.

Spring underwear purchase channels

The purchase channels for sexy underwear are also diverse, and can be performed through two ways: online and offline.Buying online has the advantages of convenient, fast and privacy confidentiality, and offline purchase can allow straight men to better understand the texture and size selection.Different purchasing channels also have different price advantages and after -sales service commitments. Straight men can choose a way that suits them according to their actual needs.


The above is the relevant knowledge and skills of the purchase of sexy underwear. I hope to help straight men understand the erotic lingerie, choose sexy underwear, and wear sexy underwear.Sexual life is not only the intimate experience between two people, but also a fun and sentimental experience. I hope that straight men and female partners can enjoy more joy and happiness under the blessing of sexy underwear.