Sexy underwear socks fish net opening gear free away

Sexy underwear socks fish net opening gear free away

What is sexy underwear socks and fish nets to open files?

Fun underwear socks fish net opening is a very popular sexy underwear socks in recent years.It is characterized by a more transparent and fish mesh fabric. The design uses the open crotch method to avoid the tediousness of the panties in the process of sex, eliminating the process of getting rid of the sex underwear.

What are the cases?

Sexy underwear socks fish nets are free for sex supplies lovers, as well as people who want to experience sex life.In addition, because this sexy lingerie is comfortable and relatively warm, it is also suitable for use in winter.

How to choose the size?

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The sexy underwear socks of different brands may be slightly different, so it is recommended to understand the brand’s size table before buying.If you are not sure how to choose the size, it is recommended to use your height and weight as a reference to find the corresponding number in the size table.

How to maintain it?

The free -range material of sexy lingerie and socks is generally nylon or amino, so it is not advisable to use hot water to wash or dryer, otherwise it is prone to deformation.It is recommended to use a hand washing method to use a neutral washing solution. The water temperature is controlled below 30 ° C. Gently rub it without excessive rubbing.When drying, you can hang it in a ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight.

What are the techniques with clothes?

Fun underwear socks fish nets are generally more suitable for short clothes with short skirts, shorts or skirts, etc., to fully display their internal fish mesh design.When matching shoes, you can choose high heels or boots to play the effect of lengthening the lines of the legs.

What are the types?

The free types of sexy lingerie and socks are rich. In addition to the general black and flesh -colored styles, there are also design elements such as red, lace, and pearls.

How to wear?

When wearing a sexy underwear socks and fish nets, you need to put it on the waist first, and then adjust it to a comfortable position.Be careful not to be too hard to avoid damaging the material of the underwear.If necessary, fine -tuning can be performed to ensure comfort and stability.When using, you can directly adjust the open crotch position to the required position.



During the opening process of wearing a sexy lingerie and socks, you need to pay attention to avoid excessive squeezing or pulling hard.Due to its open crotch design, do not spray more than 5cm of water.If the situation appears, it should be replaced in time.

Is it suitable for every woman?

Fun underwear socks fish net is not suitable for every woman.For example, women in pregnancy or pregnancy, women in the physiological period, or women with sensitive skin are not suitable for wearing.In addition, the free -range underwear and socks and socks are not the style that every woman likes, but also requires certain sexual experience and psychological preparation.


In short, the free -range underwear of sexy underwear socks is a kind of sexy underwear with a special nature, suitable for people who like to live in sex.However, you need to understand your physical condition and preferences before use, choose a size and style that suits you, and pay attention to avoid violence and too high temperature washing during maintenance to extend its service life.