Sexy underwear show 2015

Sexy underwear show 2015

Fairy Underwear Show 2015 Introduction

In 2015, the show of sex lingerie show is unprecedented, and many big brands are showing their latest sexy and creative design.Regardless of the audience or designer, the sexy underwear show is a source of visual feast and inspiration.Next, we will introduce several popular sexy underwear types.

Sexy bra and sex set

Some brands of sexy underwear shows sexy bras or exquisite erotic suits.These designs cleverly combine pajamas and underwear to shape a sexy image.Of course, in this type of design, the details used for display are important.The design of many brands is based on lace and transparent materials, and choose to cover the chest and lower body carefully.

Lace sexy underwear

Crotchless Oil Shine Sheer Pantyhose – 7321

Lace erotic underwear has always attracted much attention.The delicate lace fabric with sexy red or black makes this underwear a must -have for sexy women.Designers usually use obvious colors to strengthen the sexy and attractiveness of the design.The lace underwear displayed on many sexy lingerie shows the exquisite details of flowers and other popular patterns.

Better sexy underwear

Another popular sexy underwear is a sexy underwear.These underwear aims to emphasize women’s curves and body lines, and sometimes it is also called "waist -shaped underwear".The inside of the body is strengthened with hard materials to create a more significant effect.

Fairy underwear

Open -gear erotic underwear not only has a sexy effect, but also more practical.This type of sexy underwear is usually designed as part of some sexy packages or pantyhose.Unlike his interesting underwear, it provides a direct access to the groin, making it easier for your changes in private places.

Milk sticker and Bob

Milk stickers and Bob are newly formed sexy underwear types.These underwear are usually based on the high -level adhesion technology of tape and other adhesive materials, which can easily paste the breasts to create sexy and interesting effects.The shape of these underwear is usually circular or heart -shaped, and uses lace around the nipples.

Leather sex underwear

The last type is leather erotic underwear.These underwear uses real leather, making them one of the types that stand out from many types.This underwear is both sexy and domineering.Leather underwear is most suitable for wearing in some night occasions, such as nightclubs or private parties.

Plus Teddies & Bodysuits


No matter what you are sexy, you can find the right erotic underwear when you are there.The types of sexy underwear are diverse, exquisite in design, and their own characteristics.These underwear not only add color to the personal image, but also become part of the love life of couples.Let’s look forward to more surprises brought by the world of sexy underwear.