Sexy underwear shooting action

Sexy underwear shooting action


Interest underwear shooting is becoming more and more popular in the fashion industry.It takes some professional skills and exercises to shoot sexy underwear.This article will introduce some common sexy underwear shooting movements to help photographers take amazing sexy underwear photos.

Choose the right venue and light

Choosing the right venue and lighting is the key to the shooting of sexy underwear.It is best to use soft light when shooting to avoid rough shadows or excessive reflections.When shooting, you can try different sets and venues, such as a warm bedroom or a simple industrial environment.

Use props and accessories

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Sex underwear photos can be used to increase visual effects with accessories and props.For example, using high heels, necklaces, pantyhose, gloves, etc. to increase visual layering.

Use different angles

Use different angles to make photos more attractive.For example, you can shoot from the perspective angle or bottom perspective to show the different levels of sexy underwear.

Show the body curve

Sex underwear shooting should show the body curve, allowing the model to show charm naturally.Please avoid excessive replenishment and too hard moves, otherwise it will affect the final shooting effect.

Shooting details

Pay attention to details when shooting.Check whether there are added elements or accessories or whether the shoulder strap is worn correctly to ensure that the picture is more perfect.

Highlighting key parts

In sexy underwear shooting, you need to focus on critical parts.This may include the waist, legs, chest, or hips, bringing more sexy effects.

Nipple Tassels

Pay attention to physical pose

The physical posture of the model is essential for sexy underwear.Refer to the M -shaped or S posture to highlight the chest curve and the hip lines.

Black and white photos

Black and white photos can enhance the temperament of sexy underwear.Through black and white images, the lines and curves of sexy underwear can be more prominent.

Use later treatment

Later treatment is one of the key to the shooting of sexy underwear.You can use software such as PHOTOSHOP to repair the photos with details to increase color tone and sharpness to achieve better results.


Sex underwear is a private but charming underwear.Although it increases the difficulty of shooting, with professional skills and exercises, photographers can take unique and charming sexy underwear photos.