Sexy underwear opening novels

Sexy underwear opening novels

Paragraph first: definition of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear, as the name suggests, is a special category of underwear designed to add fun.It pays more attention to the sexy and charm of women in terms of design, materials, and functions than ordinary underwear.Interesting underwear already existed in the ancient Han Dynasty, and today, it has become a sexy fashion and is highly sought after by young people.

Paragraph 2: Style classification of sexy underwear

There are many styles of sexy underwear, which can generally be divided into several types such as opening, full -body hollow, perspective, lace and other types.Among them, the opening of the gear of the stall is the most distinctive one.

The third paragraph: the characteristics of the sexy underwear

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The biggest feature of the opening and sexy underwear is the opening of the crotch.This underwear can increase the sexy of women, and at the same time, it also avoids the trouble brought by wearing and taking off.When combining other stimulus toys, it can also make it more convenient and fast.

Fourth paragraph: the style of the sexy underwear

There are various style choices for opening sexy underwear, such as teasing, sexy, uniform, Japanese types, etc.Each one has its own characteristics and applicable occasions.For example, teasing open -stall sex underwear is more suitable for flirting between couples.

Fifth paragraph: the material of the sexy underwear

There are also various materials for opening and sexy underwear, such as cotton, lace, polyester fiber, etc.Each material has its characteristics.If you want a comfortable and soft texture, then the cotton style is a good choice.And if you want to increase the visual effect, you can choose a lace -based style opening sexy underwear.

Paragraph 6: The matching technique of opening the sexy underwear

In the matching of the sexy underwear, you also need to pay attention to the skills.If it is inward, it is recommended to choose a slightly longer coat length, so that it can protect personal privacy and show sexy.When you go out, you need to match the right pants to avoid exposing too many body parts.

Seventh paragraph: the timing of buying a sexy underwear

The most appropriate occasion for opening sexy underwear is in sex.Of course, if it is a special day of couples, such as anniversary or birthday, it is also a good choice.In addition, some women also like to wear sexy underwear before going to bed, which is also a way to improve physical and mental health.


Paragraph eighth: method of maintaining the sexy underwear

Fairy underwear also needs to pay attention to methods in maintenance.The first is washing, it is recommended to wash or professional washing services to ensure the quality and aesthetics of the underwear.Followed by drying, avoid exposure to strong sunlight, because this will destroy the elasticity of the sexy underwear.

Paragraph ninth: opening the show of sex underwear wearing feelings

The feeling of wearing a sexy underwear is unspeakable, and it can be described as comfortable, sexy, tempting, surprise and other words.It makes women feel confident, comfortable, and dare to pursue themselves, and at the same time increase the interesting distance between couples.

Section 10: Conclusion

In general, the sexy underwear that can open the gear is a sexy underwear that can add fun. It not only has unique shapes, exquisite design, but also brings different dressing feelings.It is a good choice for young women to enhance personal charm and taste.