Sexy underwear open gear free hand tears

Sexy underwear open gear free hand tears

1. Definition of opening underwear

Open underwear is a unique design of sexy underwear. It sets a opening in important parts so that the wearer is convenient for sexual activities without taking off your underwear.Compared with his sexy underwear, opening underwear is more practical while maintaining sexy and beautiful.

2. Classification of open underwear

According to gender, open underwear can be divided into two types of men and women.The design of women’s open underwear is generally more diverse, with various styles and styles.Men’s underwear is relatively small, usually only shorts and T -shirts.

3. The purpose of opening underwear

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The main purpose of opening underwear is to increase interest and stimulation, making the sex life between couples better.The opening design facilitates the interaction between couples and makes each other closer.

4. How to wear the underwear on the gear

The method of wearing open underwear is the same as wearing ordinary underwear.It should be noted that the opening needs to be closely bonded with the body, so as not to fall off in intimate contact and affect the experience.

5. The material for opening the underwear

The material of the open underwear is the same as that of ordinary underwear, including cotton, silk, fiber, etc.However, because the opening underwear requires both comfort and practicality, the selection of material needs to be more particular.

6. Maintenance of opening underwear

Pay special attention to opening underwear.It is generally recommended to use a hand washing method to avoid using a washing machine and dryer to avoid cracking from the wear opening.

7. Market prospects for opening underwear

Opening underwear has become an important product in the sexy underwear market. As people increase the demand for fun life, market demand will gradually increase.

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8. The innovative design of the open -handed tearing underwear

Open gear free -handed lingerie is a newly novel open -stall underwear design in the market.It adds a tirah ring and zipper at the opening, and the wearer can freely choose whether to tear the clothes freely as needed to facilitate the interaction between couples.

9. Recommended occasions for opening gear free -handed lingerie

Suitable for wearing in specific occasions, such as husband and wife life and Valentine’s Day.Wearing open -handed tearing underwear makes the relationship more hot and make people feel interesting.

10. Conclusion

The emergence of open underwear has injected new vitality into the sexual life of couples, allowing people to pay more attention to sexy and practicality.The opening of the gear free -to -tear underwear has made a new breakthrough in practicality and innovation, which will become a future trend.