Sexy underwear old Gong

Sexy underwear old Gong

Choice of brand and material:

The first element of choosing a sexy underwear is the brand and material.

Brands can ensure the size, color and quality of clothes.For example, some well -known brands have relatively mature production experience and quality standards.

The material directly affects the comfort and sense of the underwear.When buying, it is recommended to choose a sexy underwear made of cotton or silk. These two materials can make you feel the natural, soft and warm touch, and the moisture -absorbing and breathable performance is also good.

Selection of color:

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After the brand and materials are selected, the color should be considered next.

When choosing the color of sexy underwear, it should be matched according to personal skin color and personal preference.

Generally speaking, dark sexy underwear is more eye -catching than light color sexy underwear.But for some people with white skin, dark underwear will appear a bit rigid.At this time, it will be better to choose light -colored underwear.

Selection of style:

Different people have different preferences for different styles of underwear.

To choose the right style, you should refer to your body and preference.

If it is a woman with a high body, it is recommended to choose horizontal stripes; women with short figures can choose vertical stripes.

In addition, some shorter women can choose simple lines and simple design styles when choosing sexy underwear.

The function of underwear:


To choose a good sexy underwear, you should also consider its function.

For example, some fun underwear has functions such as magnetic heat and massage, which is suitable for health or weight loss.

And some stressful office workers can choose some sexy underwear with isolation fat and corrected pose, which can effectively shape themselves to make themselves beautiful and confident.

Sexy and mature:

When choosing sexy underwear, we must not only consider our figure, but also what kind of sexy we want.

If you want to show your beauty and sexy, you can choose some tight -fitting sexy underwear with abdomen and body; if you want to show your mature beauty, you can choose a sexy underwear embellished with lace lace.

European and American style:

European and American sexy underwear design is unique, and it is full of color, and it looks very avant -garde and fashionable.

When choosing, pay attention to styles and colors, and use European and American sexy underwear to improve your taste and personality.


In the summer, it is particularly important to choose a good -breathable sexy underwear.

You can choose the sexy underwear of cotton fabrics. This material has good sweat absorption and breathable characteristics.

If you want to wear some sexy styles, you can also choose to use lace and perspective decoration, so as to maintain the effect of ventilation in the sexy atmosphere.

The needs of Asian women:

Judging from the needs of Asian women, the comfort of sexy underwear is more important.

The focus is not to show the body, but to create a comfortable feeling.When choosing, pay attention to the thickness and softness of the underwear so that the underwear can fit the skin and feel comfortable and natural.

Matching during the day and evening:

Interest underwear is a very distinctive female clothing, which is not only suitable for wearing at night, but also looks good with clothes during the day.

You can choose some simple and simple sexy underwear to match with casual clothes or professional clothes. With the condition of ensuring personal taste, letting gorgeous sexy underwear is no longer just a night clothing.


The choice of sex underwear is a comprehensive consideration process, which requires a comprehensive consideration of many factors such as brand, material, color, style, function and comfort.

Only by finding the sexy underwear that suits you best can you truly improve your sexy and self -confidence.