Sexy underwear model plotless code

Sexy underwear model plotless code

Sex underwear has always been a symbol of women’s body and sexy.When looking for a perfect sexy underwear, the model diagram has become a problem that many people have to face.This article will talk about this problem from multiple angles and provide some solutions.

What is a model diagram without code?

Model graphic uncodic refers to the insufficient panties or blocking parts when showing products when showing products.This photo is usually used for publicity platforms, magazines or posters.However, this kind of photo still exists on some pornographic websites and is stolen by criminals.

Responsibility of the brand

When showing products, the brand should abide by the principles of honesty and trustworthiness and ethics.Especially in the process of photo shooting and post -processing, pay attention to protecting the model’s privacy and image right.We should abide by laws and regulations and do their best to prevent theft.

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Consumers’ rights

When buying sexy underwear, consumers have the right to know the real product situation, including photos and materials.If there is a deceptive behavior in the brand, consumers can file a complaint or seek other means to solve the problem.

How to reduce the impact of model graphs on consumers?

1. Clear classification.Magazine and e -commerce platforms can be divided into two types: codes and uncoded photos.Consumers can choose to see real photos and reduce unnecessary trouble.

2. Strengthen the implementation of laws and regulations.Government and relevant agencies should strengthen network supervision and severely crack down on online stealing maps.

3. Check the comments before buying.Consumers can view the evaluation of other buyers, understand the real situation of the product, and reduce dissatisfaction or malicious harassment after purchase.

How to protect the model’s privacy and image right?

1. Use later processing technology.After the photo is taken, use fuzzy, obstruction and other technical processing sensitive parts to protect the privacy of the model;

2. Sign a privacy protection agreement.Brand parties and models can sign an agreement to agree on confidentiality and use permissions;

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3. Strengthen internal control.The brand can strengthen internal management and limit the outflow of sensitive photos.


The problem of erotic underwear model has a long time, which has been embarrassed and troubled by many people, but we can reduce the occurrence of this problem by strengthening management and protection measures and improve people’s cognition and trust in sexy underwear.