Sexy underwear Men wearing underwear wearing underwear

Sexy underwear Men wearing underwear wearing underwear

Men’s sexy lingerie wearing skills

Many men often ignore men’s sexy underwear when buying women’s sexy underwear. They do not know that men’s sexy underwear also has many types and varieties.Wearing men’s sexy underwear is also very skillful.The precautions and skills of several men wearing sexy underwear are introduced below.

Size selection should be accurate

Size is a factor that cannot be ignored in buying sexy underwear.Different brands and different models of sexy underwear have different sizes. When selecting the size, it must be based on its own figure.If the size is too large or too small, it will affect the wear effect.

Material selection should be breathable

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It is also important to choose the material of men’s sexy underwear. Generally speaking, cotton and breathable fabrics are the first choice. The impermeable materials will be very uncomfortable and are not good for men’s health.

The style selection should be appropriate

Men’s sexy underwear should choose different styles according to different occasions and personal preferences.For example, if couples should selectively selectively sexy and seductive styles, participating in the theme party can choose a cooler fancy style.

Don’t be too tight

Men’s sexy underwear should choose the size that suits them. Do not choose a style that is too tight, otherwise it will not only affect the comfort of wearing, but also affect the health of male genitals.

Buyer’s body characteristics cannot be ignored

Different buyers have different physical characteristics. Some need to emphasize abdominal muscle lines, and some need to emphasize the hip curve. When choosing men’s sexy underwear, they should have a certain understanding of their figure characteristics, and then choose the right style.

Brand word of mouth and quality must be guaranteed

Men’s sexy underwear brands, word of mouth and quality are also very important. Choosing well -known brands and brands with good reputation can ensure the quality and use of products.

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Make up clothes properly

When wearing men’s sexy underwear, you should also choose suitable clothing according to the occasion and personal needs.Some fancy and cool erotic underwear can be paired with white or black slim T -shirts to enhance the overall beauty.

Pay attention to maintenance and washing

Men’s sexy underwear is best to wash hand. Do not wash it with a washing machine like an ordinary underwear. If you wash it with a washing machine, it will easily damage the fabric and affect the life of the underwear.In addition, replace it regularly to keep it clean and hygienic.

Point of view

The choice and dressing of men’s sex lingerie also requires skills and precautions. Only by choosing the right brand and style, and paying attention to the choice and dressing skills of the size, material, and style, can you better show your charm.