Sending underwear for shooting price

Sending underwear for shooting price

Sending underwear for shooting price


Interest underwear is a kind of attempt for modern people for sex life. It is not just a simple sex tool, but also a physical and mental enjoyment.However, for many people who like to buy sexy underwear, the price is a discouraged problem.So, what is the price of sexy underwear?In the next article, I will introduce you to the price of sexy underwear.


First of all, the price of sexy underwear can be divided into three prices: low, mid -range and high -end. Specifically:

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Low -end

The price of low -grade sex lingerie is between 50 yuan and 200 yuan.These underwear are usually made of some cheap materials, such as polyester, cotton, and elastic fibers.The design is often relatively simple, which can not meet the aesthetic needs of different customers for sexy underwear.

Mid -range

The price of mid -range sex lingerie is between 200 yuan and 500 yuan.These underwear materials are relatively good, often using lace, linen, lace, embroidery, and silk with a certain gloss.There have been more changes in design, often adding some decorations, such as beads and rhinestones.


The price of high -end sex lingerie is above 500 yuan.Like some high -end fashion, high -end sexy underwear has the characteristics of fashion, noble, and strong design.The price of some high -end brand’s sexy lingerie is equally high, but its manufacturing materials and splicing technology are more guaranteed and guaranteed.

Factors that affect the price of the brand

When it comes to the price of sexy underwear, the brand is also a factors that must be considered.The choice of brands in the production, design, and materials of the brand has an important impact.Quality, price and design are the three main criteria for measuring brand underwear companies.

International brand

Head Wear

The quality of sexy underwear of international brands is usually guaranteed, and the quality of making materials is also higher.In addition, the design of international brand’s sexy underwear is more fashionable and artistic.This aspect brings better visual feelings, and it can also show the identity and taste of holding.

Domestic brands

The design of the sexy underwear of domestic brands has begun to change in design, and it has become more Chinese elements, which truly reflects the aesthetic needs and cultural connotations of the Chinese.For people with various themes and inspiration, brands can also have special design and good underwear.

The impact of materials on price

The material of sexy underwear is not made by simply adding pigment and fiber.In terms of sexy underwear materials, brand underwear companies usually invest a lot to ensure their quality stability.Generally speaking, some of the materials selected by some well -made and good -quality sexy lingerie brands are very particular.


The nature of pure cotton materials for sex underwear is more breathable, soft, and more comfortable to wear. Generally, the sexy lingerie is made of cotton as the inner tendon.


Most of the materials used in the inner and lining are elastic materials.This material can ensure that the clothes are tightly worn and wearing relatively neatly.


In addition to basic materials, many high -end brands also use many expensive materials, such as carefully made lace and satin.

Customized sexy underwear prices

Many sexy underwear companies can help customers create exclusive personalized sexy lingerie, and customized sexy underwear prices depend on the scale, size and materials of underwear.These customized sexy lingerie styles are more unique, so the price will be more expensive, usually more than 1,000 yuan.

The average price of sexy underwear sent

For the price of sexy underwear, the price ranges between 100 yuan and 1,000 yuan, and other sexy underwear will exceed 1,000 yuan, while low -end products are usually not higher than 100 yuan.In general, the price of sexy underwear is still more affordable.

in conclusion

Although the price of sexy underwear is different, high -end brands will still have a better product experience and higher cost -effective in terms of quality, materials and design.Only when consumers have high demand for product quality and design, they will choose high -end brands, otherwise they can consider mid -range and low -end brands.