Rope -striped erotic underwear

Rope -striped erotic underwear


Rope -strip lingerie is a simple structure, unique design, and very sexy sexy underwear.It uses thin rope, silk belt and other materials to be tangled on the skin, outlines sexy lines, exposes the skin, and shows the perfect body curve of women.Rope -style sexy underwear includes a variety of styles such as suspenders, chest wrap, tights, etc., suitable for women of different body and personality.Rope -striped underwear can not only enhance women’s sexy and self -confidence, but also enhance the fun of fun life.

Style of rope sexy underwear

There are many types of rope -style sexy underwear. The most common types are the following types:

Sling -type rope sex lingerie

Mens Tassels Sexy G-String – 7194

Wrapped chest rope sex lingerie

Tight -fitting rope with sexy underwear

Suitable for women with rope sexy underwear

Rope -striped underwear is very suitable for women with perfect body curves, independent, bold and unruly.This kind of sexy underwear uses materials such as hanging straps, thin ropes to wrap the skin, outlines the perfect body and sexy lines of women, while exposing the skin while retaining the mystery of some parts, making women more sexy and confident.

How to choose a rope -based sexy underwear

When buying a rope -style sexy underwear, choose the style that suits you according to your body and temperament.If you have a graceful figure, you can choose to wrap your chest or tight -fitting clothes; if you have an independent, bold, uninhibited temperament, you can choose a suspender or thin rope.In addition, you must choose a suitable size of sexy underwear. Do not be too tight or loose to avoid affecting comfort and effect.

How to match rope sexy underwear

If you want to wear a rope -based sexy underwear more fashionable and more beautiful, you can match some suitable clothing and accessories.For example, you can match a long shawl on the chest -wrapped rope sexy underwear, or with a metal belt on the tight -fitting rope sexy underwear to increase the sense of personality and fashion.

How to wear rope -stripped underwear


You need to pay attention to some small details when wearing rope -stripped underwear.First of all, pay attention to the method and direction of wearing, and follow the method of wearing underwear.Secondly, avoid wearing it with other hard objects to avoid tearing the thin rope of sexy underwear.

How to clean the rope with sexy underwear

Cleaning the rope -based sexy underwear needs to be careful.It is recommended to use a hand washing method to soak it in warm water and gently rub it to maintain its sexy lines and details. Do not use a washing machine or a strong cleaning agent.

Maintenance of rope -stripped underwear

Rope -striped underwear is a relatively slender underwear that needs to be carefully maintained.It is recommended to place it in a cool, dry, and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight to keep the elasticity and lines of underwear.At the same time, avoid contact with other colors to avoid fading or dyeing.

The price of rope -stripped underwear

The price of rope -based sexy underwear varies from styles, materials and brands.Generally speaking, the price of mid-to-low-end rope-style sexy underwear is between 100 yuan and 300 yuan, while high-end ones will be more expensive.However, the price is not the only criterion for measuring the quality of the rope -style sexy underwear. The key is to choose the style and brand that suits you.

Applicable occasions of rope sexy underwear

Rope -striped underwear is usually considered to be a underwear that is suitable for sexy life.However, it can also be worn on some special occasions, such as showing its sexy side on nightclubs, parties, etc., increasing self -confidence and temperament.

Generally speaking, rope -style sexy underwear is a sexy, stunning, personality and other elements in one -piece underwear, which is suitable for women with perfect body, independent, bold and unruly.It can not only enhance women’s sexy and self -confidence, but also increase the fun of sex.If you want to try a novel and unique erotic underwear, choose a rope -strip -style sexy underwear!