Interesting underwear, unparalleled code

Interesting underwear, unparalleled code

What is a sexy underwear without code?

Interesting underwear is unpopular to the bottom of the erotic underwear, especially in the underwear part, there is no obscuration, which is very sexy and seductive.It makes your body exposed, make your sexy more obvious, and make you more interesting at night.

What are the types?

There are very rich types of sex underwear. There are various styles such as T -shaped pants, thongs, and G string pants. Each is unique.The most classic of them is G striker.G string pants use a very small triangular bottom pants to completely expose the hips. The unique design makes the whole person more sexy.

What is the applicable crowd?

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Interesting underwear is applicable to various types of people of different types, both husbands and wives, couples, single men and women or sex lovers.They are very helpful for sex activities, which can better mobilize emotions and further enhance the fun of sexual life.

What should I pay attention to when buying?

You need to pay attention to the following points when you buy a sexy underwear:

Fabric material: The ingredients of the unpaid fabric under the sex underwear need to be soft and comfortable, and it will not cause too much irritation to the skin.

Style design: The design of the unique style of the sex underwear needs to be in line with personal preferences, which can show sexy and not affect health.

Size size: The size of the unique size of the influence of the underwear needs to be consistent with its body size, not too large or too small.

What are the ways to wear?

It is not complicated to wear an uncoded method under the sexy underwear, because it does not need to make any obstruction, just need to wear it directly.However, it should be noted that it is necessary to avoid any irritation or damage during the wear, so as not to cause unnecessary damage.

How to match the shirt?

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The matching of the unprecedented body in sex underwear is relatively simple.You can choose a short top tightly, so that the waist lines are more obvious. You can also choose a long top and tie the belt on the waist to highlight the curve of the body.In short, the matching of the top needs to make the overall combination more proper and meet personal preferences.

Interesting underwear underwear without code maintenance method

When maintaining uncoded in the lower body of sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Avoid exposure in the sun;

When washing, you need to be gentle and avoid using too exciting detergent;

Try to avoid mixing with other colors of clothing to avoid dyeing;

It is necessary to dry it flat to avoid using tools such as drying racks or rope.

Interest underwear Uncensored price range

The price range of the unprecedented code under the sex underwear is relatively large, generally ranging from more than a dozen to hundreds of yuan.There are differences in the unprecedented ingredients of sexy underwear at different prices. There are differences in fabrics, design and quality.

Best wear occasion

The merger of the unprecedented wear of the sex underwear is not limited to the bedroom. It can also be worn in entertainment venues such as the ballroom and KTV, which can become a way of dressing and bringing a very large visual impact.


As a unique sexy underwear, the unique sexy underwear can not only bring more fun to sex activities, but also a way to express personality in social occasions.Put it on it, fully show your body, and make infinite charm.