Interesting underwear foreign brands

Interesting underwear foreign brands

Interesting underwear foreign brands

As one of the most seductive women’s clothing, sexy underwear has become a global fashion trend.The major foreign brands lead the forefront and hottest brand of the sex underwear market.In this article, we will introduce several large foreign brands to help you understand this field better.

1. Victoria’s Secret -Well -known underwear brand

Victoria’s Secret may be one of the most well -known brands in the sex underwear industry.From sexy braes to breast enhancement underwear, from light pajamas to elegant dresses, Victoria’s Secret provides rich sexy underwear choices, and its lace underwear series is welcomed by women.

2. Agent Provocateur -high -end sexy underwear brand

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Agent Provocateur is a brand focusing on high -end sexy underwear.Their works are not just underwear, but more artworks, which make people feel luxurious, and at the same time full of sexy and mysterious atmosphere.Agent Provocateur underwear series represents a noble, gorgeous and sexy temperament.

3. La Perla -Italian sexy underwear brand

La Perla is a fun underwear brand in Italy. Their design philosophy is very unique and combines modern creativity and traditional handicrafts.All underwear is made of handmade artisans, so it is called "Mr. Lawrence in the underwear industry".

4. Calvin Klein -Sports style sexy underwear brand

Calvin Klein is a sexy underwear brand located in the United States, which has across the market with high -end and high -end underwear.Their underwear is mainly simple and sporty. The highlights are beautiful and generous. Essentials make women feel comfortable and confident.

5. WACOAL -and style sexy lingerie brands

As one of Japan’s most famous sexy underwear brands, Wacoal has always been a brand that advocates peace and style.Their underwear style mostly uses Japanese -style delicate lines and flowers and birds, with a strong oriental cultural atmosphere.

6. Pleasurements

Pleasurements is a high -end custom -custom sexy underwear brand from the Netherlands. By providing tailor -made services, the brand’s underwear is suitable for each woman’s body and style.Pleasurements also integrates fashion and art, so it is known as one of the most artistic sexy underwear brands.

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7. Wolford -Austrian sexy underwear brand

Wolford is a sexy underwear brand located in Austria. It focuses on using high -quality fabrics and craftsmanship to provide women with more comfortable, fashionable and lasting underwear.Their designers fully consider the body lines of women and carve out the beauty of underwear.

8. cosabella -lace sex lingerie brand

Cosabella is a brand from Italy, and they focus on comfortable, fashionable and easy -to -wear women’s underwear.The highlight of the COSABELLA underwear is the use of lace fabrics. Through exquisite details and the combination of various colors, it creates a very glorious -shaped underwear.

Conclusion: Interest underwear is not just a clothing, it represents women’s confidence, beauty and independence.The above foreign brands all reflect the beauty and charm of sexy underwear, and it is worth becoming the exclusive favor of women.