Interesting underwear during the start of school

Interesting underwear during the start of school

Preparation before school

The new semester is coming, and our female classmates need to prepare some sexy underwear to deal with various occasions.First of all, the size is needed to ensure that you can buy the appropriate size. Do not let the looseness of the underwear affect the comfort of wearing.In addition, color is also the key. In addition to considering personal preferences when choosing color, you must also consider whether to match the color of clothing and whether it is suitable for the mood of the day.

Choice of class

In class, we need to wear more comfortable sexy underwear. We can choose bras or cotton underwear without steel rings to maintain comfort for a long time.At the same time, you should also pay attention to whether the underwear style is suitable for matching clothes and whether it can play a role to avoid embarrassment caused by improper underwear.

Hu Shubao Dian during exercise

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During physical education or fitness, we need to wear sports -type sexy underwear that can provide sufficient support to reduce the impact on the chest.Sports bras with mixed pads can be better supported, and no trace underwear can be selected during yoga to avoid too obvious lines to cause discomfort to limbs.

Selection of temptation night

When gathering or dating, we can wear more sexy sexy underwear to show our charm and confidence.For example, the black hollow lace and perspective bras are good choices, which can inspire inner enthusiasm and desire.

Demand during special occasions

When participating in weddings or other special occasions, we need to wear noble and elegant sexy underwear to show our unique taste and temperament.When selecting the color, you can refer to the color and style of the dress, such as red with wedding dresses, white evening dresses.

Maintenance and washing

Correct maintenance and washing are also an important factor in maintaining underwear for a long time.Do not wash the erotic underwear with other clothes to avoid damage to color or material.Hand washing is the best choice. Use professional detergents to avoid using bleach or bamboo charcoal to remove flavor.

Underwear accessories

Underwear with accessories is equally important, and different underwear needs different matching accessories.When you are plump chest, you can choose some lace -up chest pads or paste chest pads; the underwear under thin clothes can be paired with thin milk stickers or chest pads to avoid protrusions when wearing.


Interesting underwear storage

Correct storage is also an important part of protecting sexy underwear.Do not stack the sexy underwear together. You should put it in an independent storage box or plastic bag to avoid rubbing with other clothes to avoid damage or deformation.

Suitable for different body types of sexy underwear

Females of different body types need to be suitable for their own sexy underwear. For example, some particularly plump women need to choose underwear with steel rings to avoid expansion; and thinner women can choose thinner underwear to create a beautiful curve.

The importance of sexy underwear

In short, sexy underwear plays an important role in women’s lives. Whether it is comfortable, health care, or sexy, we need to choose and maintain it carefully. Only in this way can the sexy underwear truly bring us a good experience.