How to promote Taobao for sexy underwear

How to promote Taobao for sexy underwear

1. Find keywords and optimize

As a seller who wants to do sexy underwear on Taobao, the first thing to do is to find keywords and optimize it.Searching for sexy underwear on Taobao will pop up a lot of related keywords, such as sexy underwear and adult products.Through in -depth research, understanding consumer needs, and choosing some keywords that are consistent with your products to optimize, you can improve your store exposure and search ranking.

2. Aesthetically eye -catching product pictures

Wanting to do sexy underwear on Taobao, product pictures are indispensable.Compared with text, pictures can attract consumers’ attention.The exquisite pictures help improve the quality and value of the product, and make consumers more desire to buy.Pay attention to the shooting angle, light, model figure, etc. to create an attractive atmosphere.

3. Refined description text

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When depicting the details of the product, we must be fully meticulous and accurately convey the product information.Describe the text should not be too short, and you need to introduce the function, material, color, size and other attributes of the product in detail.It is necessary to make a simple sale, use short sentences to highlight the characteristics of the product, so that consumers are easy to understand and accept.

4. Use multimedia to promote

On Taobao stores, using multimedia publicity (such as video, graphics, PPT, etc.) is easier to get consumer attention, showing better publicity results.Before buying goods, consumers often want to understand the real situation of the goods. Through multimedia promotion, consumers can obtain a more intuitive purchase experience, bringing more traffic and conversion to promotion.

5. Select the right platform for promotion

On Taobao, there are many platforms that can be used, such as Taobao, Taobao live broadcast, Taobao headline, Taobao buyer show, etc.As a seller, you need to choose a platform that suits you according to your own store.For example, Taobao Live is suitable for on -site display of some products. Taobao headlines are suitable for promoting brands and new products. Taobao buyer show is suitable for introducing products through user evaluation.

6. Promotional promotion

In the process of Taobao’s sex lingerie promotion, preferential activities are a relatively common means.By discounting, full reduction, gifts and other promotional methods, it can attract consumers’ desire to buy, increase store conversion rate and customer stickiness.All promotional activities should also be formulated according to the actual situation of the store to ensure that it can truly increase the seller to get more benefits.

7. WeChat promotion and marketing

Using WeChat as a new media tool can also make the promotion of Taobao stores more effective.You can spread and promote information through WeChat group, circle of friends, public accounts, small programs, etc. to attract the attention of the target audience.At the same time, it can also increase the reputation and image of the store through the interaction and transmission of WeChat, and increase the reputation of the store.

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8. Choose some good publicity cases for learning

Finally, as a sexy underwear seller, when promoting the product, you can also refer to the excellent publicity cases of other sellers to learn lessons from it to improve the publicity effect of your own store.Through Taobao forums, industry social circles, and merchant learning camps, we can obtain more case information about the promotion of sexy underwear.


It is necessary to have a certain market planning capabilities and practical experience, and to continuously improve and optimize strategies to improve the income and traffic of the store.Taobao’s sexy lingerie promotion is a long -term sustainable work. It requires a variety of coordination and hard work to obtain market benefits.