How to disinfect after buying sexy underwear

How to disinfect after buying sexy underwear


Sexy underwear is a kind of private clothes that need to pay attention to disinfection and cleaning.After purchasing, disinfection is a necessary measure to ensure personal hygiene, and it is also a aspect of ensuring health.This article will introduce how to disinfect sex underwear.

Before buying, you should consider disinfection problems

Before buying a sexy underwear, you need to consider how to disinfect it, because sexy underwear is a personal item and may be used by others.Therefore, when choosing to buy sex underwear, pay attention to the disinfection method.

Clean with disinfectant

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A way of disinfection of sexy underwear is to clean the disinfectant.This method requires you to buy a suitable disinfectant. Wash the sexy underwear before soaking to remove stains.Then put the sexy underwear in the disinfectant, soak for a while, and rinse it with water.

Disinfection with high temperature

High temperature can effectively disinfect sex underwear. When using this method, pay attention to the temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will cause damage to underwear.It is recommended to use steam iron or high -temperature dryer for disinfection.Before disinfection, make sure that the fabric of your sexy underwear will not be damaged at high temperature.

Formulate a disinfection plan

Forming a disinfection plan for sexy underwear can ensure that your sexy lingerie is guaranteed to be clean and hygienic.Write the disinfection plan on the paper and put it in a fast area to help you remember regular disinfection.

Disinfection methods of sexy underwear of different materials are different

Different materials of sexy underwear disinfection are also different.For example, silk and soft sexy underwear need to be cleaned gently with warm water to avoid friction and stretching.When disinfection, it is necessary to avoid exceeding the temperature that the material can withstand, and prevent problems such as fading and deformation.

Avoid sharing of sexy underwear

Sharing of sexy underwear will increase the risk of spreading bacteria and diseases.Therefore, unless you are a very trustworthy couple or partner, it is recommended not to share the sexy lingerie.Even the shared breathing masks, masks and other items need to be disinfected and clean before use.


Repeatable use of sexy underwear needs to be disinfected regularly

Some sexy underwear can be reused, but this does not mean that you don’t need to disinfect it.Repeat the disinfection of sexy lingerie needs to be carried out regularly to avoid bacterial reproduction and dissemination.After use, they should be cleaned and disinfected immediately.

During storage period, moisture -proof and moth -proof

Interest underwear needs to pay attention to moisture -proof and moth -proof when storing, so as not to fade and deform.It is recommended not to fold the sexy underwear as much as possible, but let them stretch and hang up naturally.

It’s best not to blends

When cleaning the sexy underwear, try to avoid mixing different materials and sexy underwear of different colors.Because some fun underwear may fade or damage, some special materials may release harmful substances in water.

After disinfection, it needs to be completely dry after disinfection

After disinfection, sexy underwear needs to be completely dry.If you put them back into a wet wardrobe immediately after disinfection, it may damage the quality and texture of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Disinfection of sexy underwear is very important and may have an impact on our health.When disinfecting sexy underwear, you must pay attention to methods and details.In addition, it is recommended not to buy second -hand sexy underwear or share the sexy underwear of others to ensure your health.