Fun underwear business plan solution

Background introduction

As a product of fashion trends, sexy underwear has gradually attracted more and more consumers in recent years.Under this trend, many companies have begun to invest in the research and development and sales of sexy underwear, hoping to divide a share in this market.However, in the face of increasingly fierce competition, it is not so easy to achieve success.

Market analysis

In the market, there are several most popular sexy underwear: Japanese and Korean models, European and American models, and self -made models.Among them, the positioning of the Japanese and Korean models is relatively fresh and cute, suitable for young women; European and American models focus on sexy and hot images, and they are more suitable for feminine women; self -made funds focus on personalized, innovative and bold designs.The preference for fashion people.

Major competitors

At present, there are three main domestic sexy underwear brands: admiration, Renedina and Aimer.These three brands have a certain popularity in the market, and their business strategies and sales models also have their own characteristics.

Sales channels

The sales channels for sex underwear mainly include brand stores and major e -commerce platforms.Among them, brand stores are usually operated or authorized by brand manufacturers themselves.E -commerce platforms include Taobao and JD, which can be purchased through these platforms.At present, the online sales of sexy underwear account for a large proportion, but the sales of physical stores are still more important.

Consumer groups

The consumer group of sexy underwear is mainly women, and age is concentrated between 18-40 years old.Moreover, most of these women have characteristics such as sensitive, fashionable, open, independent.In addition, the men’s market is gradually rising, because more and more men start buying sexy underwear as gifts for their girlfriends, wives or lover.

Product Innovation

To get a place in the market, the brand needs to have an innovative spirit, and can adjust the style, design and style of the product according to market demand.In addition, quality is also the key to the brand.Only in terms of quality, design and marketing can we occupy more shares in the market.

Brand Positioning

Brands should be positioned according to the needs of consumer groups.For example, the erotic underwear for young women should be cute and fresh, while sexy sexy underwear is more suitable for special occasions such as party.Such positioning helps the brand to establish an image, and it is more likely to have a sense of recognition for consumers.

Marketing creativity

In terms of marketing, companies need to have their own unique ideas.For example, through online or offline methods, the show of sex underwear can be performed to show the design and characteristics of sexy underwear to the public.At the same time, in terms of sales, you can try to combine packages and timely discounts to attract more consumers to participate.

Business model

Different business models have a different impact on the development of sexy underwear brands.For example, self -built directly -operated stores can help brands better control sales and management costs, thereby obtain higher profits; joining can create a national brand marketing network at low cost, enabling the brand to expand faster.


In the current market environment, sex underwear brands are facing many challenges, such as market competition and consumer demand.However, as long as brand operators have clear goals and innovation in the development of the market, they can achieve success and have a higher share in the market.

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