Can I wear sexy underwear many times many times?

Can I wear sexy underwear many times many times?

Sexual underwear wears times

Every woman knows that sexy underwear can make them feel new happiness and fun, but they don’t know how to deal with these underwear.Women usually ask: Can sexy underwear be worn many times?

Quality is the key

The quality of sex underwear is the key to determining the number of times.If you buy sexy underwear with good quality, it can be worn many times.When buying sexy underwear, you should choose high -quality fabrics and underwear made by manufacturers. These underwear use high -quality materials and strict inspection processes.

Correct cleaning

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Wanting to extend the life of sexy underwear, women need to learn the correct cleaning method.Wash the sexy underwear gently with warm water and professional underwear, and then dry it flat.

Avoid machine washing and drying

Never throw the sexy underwear into the washing machine or dryer, otherwise, these underwear will be ruptured, faded and deformed.

Avoid friction or tear

When wearing sexy underwear, women should avoid washing them or other items or violently washed to avoid friction or tearing.At the same time, avoid too much detergent, because these products may damage the fiber of sexy underwear materials.

Avoid direct sunlight

The color of sexy underwear is usually bright, light or transparent. In order to avoid these colors, women should avoid directly exposed to the underwear in the sun.

Pay attention to stacking

The storage and stacking method of sexy underwear will also affect the life of the underwear.Be sure to put or fold the underwear or fold it. Do not squeeze them together or forcibly compress, otherwise it will cause underwear to deform.


Avoid long -term without wearing

Sex underwear needs to be worn regularly. If they are not worn for a long time, they will lose certain elasticity and shape.Therefore, women should wear them often to maintain the shape and quality of underwear.


In summary, sexy underwear can be worn many times, but some of the suggestions and precautions mentioned earlier need to be followed in order to make underwear more lasting and ensure that they can still wear comfortably and reliably.