Boyfriend response after sex underwear

Boyfriend response after sex underwear

The reaction of my boyfriend when I first saw a sexy underwear

For the first time wearing a sexy lingerie, girls often imagine the scene that her boyfriend saw: Will her boyfriend be amazed?Will it be more attractive?In fact, the appearance of sexy underwear is not too long, and many boys may not have the same views on sexy underwear.So, what will your boyfriend react when you see you in a sexy underwear for the first time?

Passionate sexy

Interest underwear is generally very sexy, especially European and American sexy underwear is known for noble, elegant, and sexy.Faced with the appearance of your sexy underwear, the first reaction of your boyfriend is likely to be filled with enthusiastic eyes.Most men look at the sexy of women, so if your sexy underwear design is reasonable and full of temptation, then your boyfriend will definitely prefer this new girlfriend.

Stunning effect

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Gathering the cleavage and revealing round hips, sexy sexy underwear will make your figure better show.This effect makes my boyfriend is likely to be amazing for your wonderful posture, and sexy underwear has the finishing touch.However, it should be noted that we must adopt a size suitable for you. Do not choose a style that is too tight or overly loose to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

I don’t necessarily like too exposed styles

The color, size, and style of some sexy underwear, too sexy or even exposed designs will cause her boyfriend to have a blow or disgusting psychology.No one wants to be the focus of everyone’s attention, so you still need to consider the choice for these excessively exposed styles.The boyfriend’s response is green, yellow, red, transparent, lace and other sexy lingerie styles and color options, which is by no means a single taste.

The scared situation also exists

Although it can be said to be sexy underwear, it seems that some underwear can be called "sexy equipment" -the various strange props hanging on it, which can make your other half excite and pleasure.However, this type of erotic underwear is not suitable for all couples. Some people may be scared or embarrassed because they are too weird, and they are even ashamed of enlightenment.At this time, some relatively normal, design -rich underwear look more secure and cute.

Sexy and comfort coexist

Some erotic underwear materials may be harder, and it will make people feel uncomfortable or even painful.Good erotic underwear must have sexy effects, but also better comfort, which can better adapt to body figure.In this case, her boyfriend may feel that his girlfriend has worked very hard, but he will not linger and return to each other comfortably.

The opportunity to wear sex underwear

Women have various opportunities to wear sexy underwear, sometimes to ignite the spark of love, and sometimes for their own beauty and sexy. For different situations, her boyfriend’s response is different.For example, for a stable man, if his girlfriend wants to ignite a spark, the man may be willing to accept it, but if he is simply trying to try new things, you need to consider whether you should wear it according to the consensus between the two parties.

Oil Shine

Personal factors

Graduate and confident girls will wear sexy underwear to feel more confident, and her boyfriend is likely to appreciate this attitude.On the contrary, if a girl is more shy and shy, and it is easy to be scared by the sexy effects of sexy underwear, then the boyfriend’s response may be more cautious to take care of the woman’s feelings.

The impact brought by freshness

Usually, my girlfriend may wear very simple and simple, and her boyfriend has seen too many "ordinary" figures.But once you put on a sexy underwear and suddenly appear in front of your boyfriend, then he may be difficult to adapt to your new image. It takes a little more time to

How to get a boyfriend’s appreciation

Although it is difficult to predict that the boyfriend’s response to erotic underwear is sometimes unpredictable, it also requires that his girlfriend also gives some appropriate guidance.For example: wear a sexy underwear suitable for your body; don’t choose too exposed styles; try to make yourself more confident and show the unique charm of girls.


Interesting underwear is a new fashion culture. Many years ago, everyone yearn for pure love. Even if the outside is full of temptation, the throbbing deep inside can converge.But now, sexy underwear represents a new era element of women’s voice and pursuit of freedom. Regardless of whether men recognize this new trend, it will become part of the trend.If you want to wear sexy underwear and show your unique charm, this not only requires your own conditions, but also requires appropriate methods and ideas to better obtain your boyfriend’s appreciation.