2017 Moscow’s Inner Underwear

2017 Moscow’s sexy underwear is unique

Moscow’s sexy underwear show is one of the most large -scale sexy underwear exhibitions in the world.At the beginning of September each year, nearly a thousand sexy underwear brands from more than 30 countries and regions gathered in Moscow to show their latest and most unique sexy underwear design.

The trend "sexy" is still the mainstream

Due to fashion and popularity, more and more brands have joined the industry.In the fierce competition in the entire market, it is still "sexy", which is the eternal theme of the sex underwear industry.On the booth, the brands combined "sexy" and "comfort" to perfectly define the concept of "sexy".

Materials return to nature

The materials used in sex underwear have a vital role in health.According to a Russian underwear designer, the current market trend is to return to nature.Designers pay more attention to the selection of fabrics with strong skin -friendly, environmentally friendly and healthy.For example, a silk -like sticky cup can completely cover the breast without stimulating the skin.

Exquisite style

Sex underwear is a kind of pastime, adjustment of mood.The exquisite style is one of its selling points.While more and more brand -name underwear brands are launched in style, the characteristics of sexy underwear have become more and more obvious, more detailed, chic, and more stylish.

Bold color

Bold and vivid colors are another characteristic of modern sexy underwear.In the deep black and fresh white tone, the effects of active and conspicuous by mixing and matching other colors can be achieved.Not only that, this color matching also helps make visual impulses and romance.

Aesthetics is increasingly becoming a trend direction

Aesthetics has become the trend of the development of sexy underwear in the future.While more and more brands add different elements to the design, they are no longer displayed in single -colored models, but a series of exquisite erotic underwear designed through the fusion of various elements.

The price / performance ratio is getting more and more affordable

To this day, the sexy underwear industry is not limited to high -end consumer groups, and low -cost and mid -range sexy underwear also has new glory.The quality of quality and price make consumers easier to accept the new concept of sexy underwear.

Brand creates a unique style

The positioning and style of the brand is an important reference for buyers to choose underwear.At the exhibition, different brands present their own characteristics. Some brands have created a sexy underwear image that integrates fashion, trend, and sexy. It emphasizes the brand’s uniqueness and personalized design, and it is easier to seize the attention of consumers.

The target market has expanded from women to men

In addition to the women’s sexy underwear market, more and more brands have also begun to march from the women’s erotic underwear market to the men’s sex underwear market.Romantic passion and sexy "sexy lingerie" swept the world, and male sexy underwear also has huge market potential.

Conclusion: Interesting underwear is still evolving

In summary, with the advancement of science and technology and the development of society, the traditional industry of sexy underwear is also evolving.From materials and styles to color, more and more brands make underwear make up the perfect artwork, so as to obtain more market share.With the expansion of the men’s market, the future development space of the sex underwear market will be inestimable.

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