Will we wear sex underwear for a long time?

Will we wear sex underwear for a long time?

Interest underwear is a special kind of clothing. Putting on it will make people feel more sexy and confident.For those who like to buy sexy underwear, one of them is the question of whether we wear sexy underwear for a long time.So, will we wear sexy underwear for a long time?This article will discuss this topic.

The effect of material selection on wearing time

To make sure that the sexy underwear can be done for a long time, you need to choose the material correctly.Common sexy lingerie materials include silk, lace, eye nets and artificial fibers.Generally speaking, the texture of the silk and lace is comfortable, the breathability is good, and the chemical fiber texture is harder. It is not breathable. If wearing it for a long time, it will not only make the body feel uncomfortable, but also easily wear out the texture.Therefore, choosing a soft and comfortable material with good breathability will make the life of sex lingerie more lasting.

Washing method affects the life of sexy underwear

The washing method is also critical for the life of sexy underwear.At present, most of the sexy underwear on the market is washed by hand. This is because many sexy underwear is made of fine materials such as lace. If it is cleaned with washing machine, it is easy to damage the texture during the friction process.Therefore, if you want to ensure that the sexy underwear is worn for a long time, it is best to follow the way of washing.

Moderate wear time,

Sexy underwear is a sexy clothing, but too frequent or long -term wearing will affect its service life.Therefore, it is recommended that you wear it at a special holiday, or at a time such as dating and sex toys, which will make it longer life.At the same time, long -term wear can also cause adverse factors for the body, which can easily cause problems such as itching of the patient’s skin, which is not conducive to physical health.

Pay attention to sexy underwear

When you buy a sexy underwear, although it is your "exclusive fashion", it also needs to take care.Wash the sexy underwear before going to bed, so as not to wear the secretions of sweat and body surface on the underwear during daily wear.In addition, in order to ensure that its texture does not change, it is best to collect it in a cloth bag. Do not wear it or placed in the window, so as to avoid the fading and deformation of the color and texture of the sunlight.

Buy high -quality sexy underwear

In addition to the appearance and work well, high -quality sexy underwear will also be more prominent in quality. Most of the materials are natural fabrics or plastic drops, moisturizing mosquitoes, and not easy to damage.Compared to inferior sexy underwear, it has a longer service life, and it will also make it more comfortable.

Seek maintenance when necessary, maintain sexy underwear

If the sexy underwear is damaged during the dressing process, you can contact the after -sales customer service. Some official customer service provides replacement and maintenance methods to repairs or replace accessories.trouble.

The importance of sexy underwear running -in period

The running -out period means that before the first wear, after the warm water was washed in the instructions, it needs to be worn about three to five times to make the underwear more appropriate and smoother.In addition, the running -in period also helps to remove some unsuitable odors and more moisturizing.

Different combinations for different occasions

It is not very common to go out with sexy underwear. However, if you make a special match for this, it will become more noticeable.In particular, it increases a certain amount of covering.

in conclusion

Generally speaking, wearing erotic underwear also needs to be particular about wearing other types of underwear, and cannot be worn too frequently or for a long time.But if you buy high -quality sexy underwear, pay attention to the correct cleaning and maintenance, you can ensure that the sexy underwear is worn for a long time and gives you more confidence and sexy.

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