Will there be a name of online shopping underwear?

Will there be a name of online shopping underwear?

With the popularity of the Internet, more and more people have chosen to buy sex products online, including sexy underwear.However, many people have doubts about whether they write their names when buying sexy underwear.This article will answer this question for you, and also provide some suggestions and precautions for purchasing sexy underwear.

No name packaging sexy underwear

Many sexy underwear stores provide a packaging without any name, which is called "invisible packaging". In this case, it will not display any name or product description on the package.This is an important measure to protect customers’ privacy, because sexy underwear has some sensitive sexual suggestions and gender labels. Customers do not want to let the Wo people know that they have purchased these products.

Packaging of the brand name

Some erotic underwear brands have their own trademarks and brand names on the packaging, but this is usually very vague. Customers are not easy to notice if they don’t look closely.Such a way of writing not only protects the privacy of customers, but also helps brand promotion.

Detail packaging description

Unlike ordinary clothing, there are rich details of sexy underwear, such as materials, design, and sexy elements. Therefore, some sexy underwear merchants will provide some detail descriptions on the packaging, but similarly, these descriptions are generally not written.

Suggestions for buying sex underwear

1. It is confirmed that the sexy underwear of regular manufacturers is to avoid unnecessary risks.

2. Select the appropriate sexy underwear according to your actual needs and preferences, and don’t buy them blindly to pursue the trend.

3. Pay attention to the quality of the material, choose products that are comfortable and breathable, easy to clean, and not easy to fade.

4. Check the size table before buying. The correct size can wear good results.

5. Read the precautions and return and exchange policies that must be known before purchasing, and properly retain relevant vouchers and purchase records in order to deal with any problems when needed.


Through the introduction of this article, we learned that there will be different ways to write online sexy underwear on the packaging. Some merchants provide invisible packaging or vague brand packaging, and some will provide detail descriptions.When choosing sexy underwear, you should pay attention to the quality, size, precautions, and return and exchange policies of the material.In addition, customers can also choose to communicate with merchants to confirm the packaging method and how to protect personal privacy.

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