Will the model wearing sexy underwear flow water?


Sex underwear is a special clothing, which aims to enhance women’s confidence and charm.I believe many people are doubting -when the model is wearing a sexy underwear, will it flow?In fact, this question does not have a simple answer.Below I will discuss this issue from multiple angles.

Whether wearing a sex underwear will be flowing depends on the physical reaction of the model itself:

If the model’s body is very sensitive to sexy underwear, it may be very large when wearing sex underwear.But if the model’s body is not sensitive enough, then even if you wear sexy underwear, the possibility of flowing water is very small.

Different erotic underwear has different influence on models:

Some sexy underwear uses special materials or design to stimulate the sensitive parts of the model and increase the possibility of flowing water.Some sexy underwear is relatively conservative, and may not have the effect of irritation.

Whether wearing sex underwear flowing water is still related to the model of the model:

Models with emotional fluctuations are often easier to flow, because emotional and physical reactions have a certain relationship.Therefore, when the model feels nervous or excited, the probability of wearing sex underwear flows.

The physical and physiological cycle of the model will also affect the flow of flow:

The physique and physiological cycle of the model may affect whether the flowing water.Among them, women will be more likely to run around before and after menstruation.This is because during this time, women’s hormonal secretion is unstable and has higher sensitivity, which requires special attention.

The maintenance before wearing a sexy underwear is also very important:

If the model’s body is not fully maintained and massaged, even if wearing a sexy underwear, the possibility of flowing water will be reduced.Therefore, before wearing sexy underwear, models should be fully maintained and massaged.

The quality of sexy underwear is also one of the factors:

If the sexy underwear is not good, the design is unreasonable, and the skin and body are irritating or discomfort, then not only will it not flow when wearing, it may also cause discomfort or pain.

Wearing sexy underwear in the short term will not have a long -term impact on the body:

Although wearing a sexy underwear may have some physical reactions, wearing sexy underwear in a short time will not have a long -term impact on the body.However, if you wear inappropriate sexy underwear for a long time, you may cause damage to your body and you need to pay attention.

Rich sexy underwear styles can meet different model needs:

There are many styles of sexy underwear, and different styles are suitable for different models.Models can choose the appropriate sexy underwear according to their physical characteristics and preferences, which will be more likely to produce the effect of flowing water.

Wearing sex underwear also requires other factors:

Wearing erotic underwear is only a factor that increases flowing water, and it also needs to be matched with other factors.For example, the mood, atmosphere, the stimulation of the opposite sex, etc., these factors can produce the best flow effect.

Believe in your physical feelings:

Finally, if you want to judge whether the model will flow, you still need to believe in your physical feelings.Everyone’s physical response is different and there is no fixed standard.Therefore, models should listen to their bodies, believe in their feelings, and don’t blindly pursue the effect of flowing water.


Whether wearing sex underwear flowing water is not a simple problem, depending on the model’s physical response, emotion, physique and physiological cycle, and the quality and style of sex underwear.However, when choosing to wear fun underwear, models should pay attention to their own comfort and physical health. Do not ignore physical needs in pursuit of flowing water effects.

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