Why do you have a fragrance of sexy underwear?


Since ancient times, people have been full of curiosity and desire for sex. Various wonderful postures, mysterious utensils, and sexy clothing have become the object of people’s research and pursuit.Among them, sexy underwear, as a sexy, comfortable, exciting special clothing, is often used by couples to mobilize emotions and ignite passion.However, some people can’t help but have doubts, why do you have a fragrance of sexy underwear?The answer to this question is not so simple.

What is sexy underwear?

Interesting underwear, as the name suggests, is a kind of underwear used to increase sexual interest.Unlike traditional underwear, sexy underwear is more particular about style and sexy.In addition to the functions of traditional underwear, interesting underwear also emphasizes novelty and applicability.It can be said that sexy underwear is an integrated design that meets the special needs of users in a targeted manner, which is often composed of many details.

Where is the fragrance of sex underwear?

With the pursuit of modern people’s quality of life, the requirements for sexy underwear are getting higher and higher.In order to cater to the taste of consumers, more and more sexy underwear brands now add fragrance to their products.The reason why the sexy underwear has fragrance is because the production materials of these underwear contain some fragrance.

Falling underwear material

The material of sexy underwear is often richer, including silk, lace, cotton, real silk, and woven woven fabrics.These materials have one thing in common, that is, it is easy to absorb odors.In addition, some erotic underwear or underwear also contain the ingredients of adding flavor, which can be integrated into the fiber during the production process.

Types of the fragrance of sex underwear

The types of sexy underwear are also very diverse, with elegant floral fragrance, strong musk, and fresh mint flavor.Each fragrance is suitable for different occasions and purposes.Some sexy underwear will add fragrance according to the needs of user, making users feel more luxurious.

The production of sexy underwear fragrance

The fragrance of sexy underwear is generally used to add flavors.Specifically, in the production process, you need to knead the spice/fragrance, and then use the process such as distillation or extraction to process the material.Finally, applying fragrance to underwear, usually spray perfumes or soak on the finished clothing.

Applicable crowd of sexy underwear fragrance

Not everyone is suitable for products with fragrant underwear.Sensitive skin or people with allergies are recommended to avoid as much as possible.In addition, consumers with different preferences for sexy underwear should be selected according to personal preference.

The lasting time of sexy underwear fragrance

The lasting time of sexy underwear is roughly the same as the lasting time of general perfume.Specifically, if the sexy underwear with flavors is added, the fragrance will be stronger within 3-6 months after making, and the flavor will gradually fade.For consumers, you can wash as little as possible and iron as little as possible, especially to avoid sunlight, which will reduce the lasting time of fragrance.

The hazards of sexy underwear fragrance

Although the fragrance of sexy underwear has no real harm to the body, long -term exposure to the aroma will make the skin fragile and even cause allergies.In addition, some inferiority of inferiority underwear may add unsafe chemicals, especially problems that often occur in the Chinese market.Therefore, we must choose a formal, credible brand as much as possible.

How to avoid overweight underwear?

If you can’t stand the scent of underwear too strong, you can make the following methods to avoid excessive fragrance:

Buy a odorless underwear to avoid buying new products or just made underwear;

Before washing, dry it in advance;

Wash multiple times and try to choose neutral detergents.(It should be noted that it is neutrally washed in water temperature at 16-20 degrees, not cold water)


To sum up, the fragrance of sexy underwear comes from the fragrance added during the production process, and the materials and ingredients of each fragrance are also different.At the same time, the fragrance of sexy underwear is also harmful, but as long as you buy a good brand and master the appropriate method of use, then the fragrance is a pretty enjoyment of sexy underwear products.Therefore, in the process of using sexy underwear, maintaining a reasonable and harmonious fragrance will bring more colors and fun to your life.

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