Where is the origin of sexy underwear?

Where is the origin of sex underwear?

Interesting underwear, this relatively unique clothing category, generally refers to sexy underwear wearing in private or chest. In recent years, it has become more and more favored by women.With the continuous expansion of the market, more and more manufacturers of sexy underwear are also increasing. So where are the origin of sexy underwear?This article will introduce you one by one.

1. China

With the continuous development of the Chinese market and the further expansion of scale, many sexy underwear brands have begun to pay attention to manufacturing and become one of the main producing areas of sexy underwear.Among them, Guangdong and Zhejiang are the main production areas of the sexy underwear manufacturing. For example, Shenzhen, Yiwu and other places have a large number of sexy underwear manufacturers and factories.

2. The United States

As a category of fashion that originated in Europe and the United States, the United States has always been the center of sexy underwear.The sexy underwear produced in the United States covers a variety of styles and has been recognized by consumers worldwide.In the California region in the United States, many sexy underwear producers have gathered, such as Victoria’s secrets, which is a sexy underwear brand from California.

3. Japan

As a fashionable and sensitive country, Japan has a sense of innovation and style.Japanese sexy underwear is usually mainly cute and sexy, and mostly uses comfortable fabrics and complex tailoring techniques. This is why many girls like.Japanese sex lingerie brands include ANITA, Bali, Fayreform and so on.

4. France

As a European fashion capital, France is naturally full of artistic underwear.French erotic underwear is focusing on women’s elegance and sexy, so the fabric is light and focused on details, and the color is mainly black, red, and white.French sexy underwear brands include Chantelle, Aubade, Lise Charmel and so on.

5. Italy

The sexy underwear produced by Italy is famous for its excellent fabric and perfect tailoring technology, which makes Italy a major origin of sexy underwear.Interest underwear manufacturers have created many crazy sexy underwear styles by combining cloth with lace.Italy’s sexy underwear brands include La Perla, Tezenis, and so on.

6. Britain

British sexy underwear is also known for sexy and elegant, focusing on bringing confidence and charm to women.The most well -known British sex lingerie brand is Gossard, which mainly produces customized bras, underwear and suspenders.

7. Mexico

Mexico is an emerging market in sexy underwear manufacturing, but in recent years, sexy underwear produced by the country has also been favored by the international market.Mexico’s sexy underwear is known for its bright colors and colorful stamps.

8. Canada

The Canadian Info Underwear Manufacturers will tend to combine high -quality fabrics and complex tailoring technologies to produce brands that are usually regarded as high -end.Canadian sex lingerie brands include Lululemon, Aritzia and so on.

9. Australia

Australian sexy underwear usually means comfortable, vibrant and fashionable.The most well -known Australian brand is the Honey Birdette, which is known for its high -quality fabric and craftsmanship, extreme sexy design and elegant shapes.

10. North Korea

North Korea’s sexy underwear production market is not very large, but there are still some production lines and manufacturers in the local area.North Korea’s sexy underwear is mainly simple and practical, using traditional materials and production technology.


The above is the introduction of sexy underwear.Of course, due to the increasingly popular sex underwear, many new sexy underwear brands are constantly emerging.Women can better show their elegance and sexy by choosing their own brands and flavors from the sexy underwear producers of various countries.

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