Where is the difference between sexy underwear?

1. Basic style differences

The basic styles of sexy underwear are mainly two types: even body sex lingerie and two -piece sexy underwear.Even physical underwear is an underwear with a integrated upper and lower one. It is stronger to wear and is suitable for people with slender figures.Two pieces of sexy underwear are composed of two parts. The tops and pants can be paired alone, which is more flexible and suitable for people with a full body.

2. Material difference

There are many types of sexy underwear, and common ones are lace, silk, tulle, cotton, etc.Lace underwear contains higher proportion of nylon and elastic fiber, which can outline the curve of women’s gracefulness.Silk underwear is soft and smooth, with good breathability, which is very suitable for winter wearing.The color of tulle underwear is bright and soft, with good breathability, and is loved by young girls.

Third, the difference between sexy level

The sexy degree of sexy underwear is also one of the key to the difference.Generally speaking, the sexy underwear of transparent or split design is more teasing, while soft underwear such as lace and silk more reflects the softness of women.In addition, sexy underwear with special patterns, letters, graphics, etc. has more personalized characteristics.

Fourth, detail design differences

The design of sexy underwear is particular about details, which reflects the sexy and elegance of women in the details.For example, the shoulder straps of the underwear can be very thin, very wide, or rope.In addition, the decoration on the underwear is also very important. It can be lace lace, beaded inlaid.

Five, color difference

The color of sexy underwear is also one of the differences.Black is the most mysterious color and one of the most popular colors.White is the purest color, which is suitable for summer wear.Red is a gift that represents love and vitality, and is often used in gifts.

Six, the difference between thickness

The thickness of sexy underwear is different because of different materials. Generally speaking, silk underwear is thin, and cotton underwear is relatively thick.

Seven, price differences

The price of sexy underwear is also different. Generally, underwear with better underwear is higher, and brands are also one of the important factors affecting prices.

8. Differences in use

Different erotic underwear is suitable for use.For example, even physical and sexy underwear is more suitable for wearing at home and bedrooms, and short sexy underwear is suitable for wearing in party, nightclubs and other places.

Nine, the difference between the apartment and the figure

Women with tall or plump figures are suitable for wearing two -type sexy underwear, and slim women are suitable for wearing sexy underwear, so as to better show their body advantages.

10. Different purpose of use

In the last point, the purpose of using sexy underwear is also different. It can be to increase the taste of husband and wife, increase sexual interest, take photos or videos, and so on.Different purposes will also affect the style and color of the selected sexy underwear.

In summary, there are many types of sexy underwear, and different styles are very different.Choose the most suitable sexy underwear according to your body and the occasions you need to use.

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