What to do if you hate sexy underwear?

Background introduction

Interest underwear is a type of underwear that is regarded as a sexy, irritating, with various styles and colors.However, some men may hate this kind of underwear, maybe because they are uncomfortable and difficult to cope with problems, which may make them embarrassed.So, what should men who hate sex underwear?

Understand your feelings

First of all, men who hate sex underwear need to think carefully why they hate these underwear.Is it because of lack of comfort or unable to control?Early thinking about your own feelings and finding the reason is the first step to solve the problem.

Choose a material with better comfort

There are many different materials in sex underwear.For example, silk and lace underwear look very sexy, but it may make people feel uncomfortable, while underwear with cotton or steel -free rims may be more comfortable.Understand the characteristics of these different materials to choose the suits of your underwear.

Salesman’s suggestion

When going to the underwear store, don’t be shy, talk to the salesperson directly about your feelings about the underwear and the reason you don’t like sexy underwear. This helps the salesperson recommend the underwear that is suitable for you to wear.At the same time, you can try on underwear of different materials and styles to find underwear suitable for personal needs.

Open mentality

Some men may think that sexy underwear is unnecessary or even obscene. This view may make it difficult for them to accept this underwear.Maintain an open mind, realize that this underwear is the same natural needs as sex, and may help you accept sexy underwear.

Try different styles

Maybe you just feel disgusted with the type of erotic underwear.Many men don’t like bolder styles, but they may be interested in more simple sexy underwear.If you try different styles and find a choice that suits you, it may help you change your view of sexy underwear.

It is recommended to wear

Some men may feel that their female companions need to wear sexy underwear to make them a more perfect sex experience.This is incorrect, and you should not force your partner at any time to wear their uncomfortable clothes.It is recommended to find some other ways to improve sex, rather than just rely on the blessing of sexy underwear.

Find the attitude of the other half

It is also very important to understand your other’s attitude.If they strongly support sexy underwear, you can try to communicate and find a compromise.However, if they don’t care very much, you can consider finding some other ways to improve your sexual life.

Don’t force yourself

Finally, if you really can’t accept sexy underwear, don’t force yourself -this will make you more uncomfortable.Everyone has different preferences and views. The important thing is to find the underwear that suits them and respect others.

in conclusion

Hate sexy underwear is not a rare problem, but it is not an irreversible problem.Understanding your feelings and adopting a gradually adaptal way may help you change your views.At the same time, don’t force yourself, don’t force your partner, and respect each other is the key to maintaining a healthy sex.

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