What should I do if the sex lingerie gathers is obvious?

Paragraph 1: What is a big sexy underwear together?

Gathering showing big sexy underwear is a unique design and special effects underwear.In this sexy underwear, special fabrics and designs are used to achieve the effect of improving the chest and making the chest more full and full.

Section 2: Choose the correct cup size

Choosing a cup that suits you is the first step to buy gathered big sexy underwear.A cup of underwear will not achieve the effect of the chest.However, choosing an excessive cup will also cause underwear to not be fully wrapped in the chest, which cannot achieve the effect of gathering.Therefore, the correct cup size is very important.

The third paragraph: the chest type suitable for you

It is important to buy just a big sexy underwear to buy just right.For full breasts, it is a wise choice to choose a good supporting lingerie with good support.For drooping breasts, choosing a strong gathering sexy underwear can improve the chest and make the chest look younger.

Fourth paragraph: the correct shoulder strap design

The design of the underwear shoulder strap is also very important.The shoulder strap should be closely fitted with the shoulders to provide good support.Too wide or too narrow shoulder straps cannot provide sufficient support.In addition, the length of the shoulder strap also needs to be adjusted correctly to enable the underwear to fully wrap the chest.

Fifth paragraph: the correct lower chest design

Choosing the lower chest that is suitable for you is also one of the important factors to buy gathered big sexy underwear.The lower bust should be comfortable and combined with sufficient support, while ensuring the underwear will not be lifted or drooping.

Section 6: Suitable for design styles on different occasions

Different design styles are suitable for different occasions.For example, the gathering with diamond -shaped flowers is very suitable for wearing under special occasions, and the T -shirt -type gathering shows big sexy underwear is more suitable for usual wear.Therefore, when choosing underwear styles, you need to consider the needs of actual occasions.

Seventh paragraph: Choose suitable color matching

It is also important to choose the right color.A good color scheme can make the chest look fuller and plump.Of course, you also need to consider personal skin color and choose the color matching that suits you best.

Eighth paragraph: the correct cleaning and maintenance method

Proper underwear cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of gathered big sexy underwear.Washing should be used in accordance with the guidance on the underwear label to avoid using high temperature water, bleaching water and dryer for cleaning.

Paragraph 9: Putting the posture correctly

The correct posture can make the gathering of big sexy underwear play the best results.The shoulder strap and lower chest should be adjusted to the right position.At the same time, do not wear a lot of fun underwear too tightly, which will affect blood circulation and breathing.

Paragraph 10: Conclusion

From choosing a cup size to the correct dressing posture, the above steps can help you buy and wear the most suitable gathering of your own sexy underwear.Finally, don’t forget the design and color matching suitable for the occasion and personal style!

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