What is the most expensive sexy underwear?

What is the most expensive sexy underwear?

Interest underwear has always been a topic for women.Not only are they beautiful and comfortable, but they can also have a flirting role in appropriate time and place.Which brand of sexy underwear is the most expensive?This article will explore this issue.

1. Skirt with lace underwear -Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels is a high -end European jewelry company. Among the underwear sold by this company, the most expensive is short skirts made of lace and diamonds with lace underwear.This set of underwear is worth $ 1,7,000, known as the most expensive sexy underwear in the world.

2. Three -point style of lace flush -Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a well -known American underwear brand.The price of their lace flutter is $ 925,000, consisting of 18K platinum, 42 carat diamonds and lace.It is a three -piece set of lace, including bra, underwear and hanging sticks.

3. Saton pink bra -AGent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a sexy underwear brand from Britain. Their satin pink bra was ranked in the world’s most expensive erotic underwear.This bra is made of 24 -carat platinum and 300 pink diamonds, priced at $ 800,000.

4. Sterling silver Elizabeth II bra -Rigby & Peller

The British underwear brand Rigby & Peller has designed a sterling silver bra for Queen Elizabeth II.The bra is made of Swarovski crystal at the same level as jewelry.Its price is $ 599,000.

5. Bullet bra -The Blonds

The Blonds is an American fashion brand, and its unique design style is unforgettable.The bomb -shaped bra they -made are one of the highest quality underwear.This underwear is decorated with pearls, Swarovski Crystal and metal zipper decorations made of high -quality silver ingots produced in Japan, with a price of $ 50,000.

6. Emerald underwear -Liali

Liali is a senior jewelry brand from Dubai.Their emerald underwear is made of high -quality turquoise and 14 carat white money.This set of sexy underwear is priced at $ 43,000.

7. Lace Cat Woman Set -Myla

Myla is a British sexy underwear brand, and its design focuses on the combination of comfort and charming and sexy.The lace cat women’s set is made of 100%pure brocade chicken velvet, priced at $ 39,000.

8. Combination full of diamond -Mouawad

MOUAWAD is a well -known gold and diamond family business, located in Switzerland and Lebanon.Their gem combination includes diamond bra, underwear and hanging straps.The price is $ 27,000.

9. Tiffany 75th Anniversary Edition -Tiffany

Tiffany is a famous jewelry brand.The 75th anniversary version of the sexy underwear is mainly composed of lace and pearls, with 54 diamonds and 147 Safir gemstones, priced at $ 1,500.

10. Red silk combination -Bedroom Stories

Bedroom Stories is an emerging sexy underwear brand. This combination made of 100%red silk is priced at $ 1,400.

in conclusion:

In general, the price of sexy underwear has changed a lot. The most expensive sexy underwear can reach millions of dollars, while the cheapest sexy underwear only costs hundreds of dollars.No matter which one you choose, the key is to choose a size and style that suits you to ensure both comfort and beauty.

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