What are the samples of sexy underwear?

What samples are there in sex underwear

1. lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is the most common sexy underwear. Because it is covered with lace lace, it makes women more sexy and charming. It is often used in sexy and romantic occasions.This sexy underwear is mostly mounting, with small coverage and strong perspective.

2. Pub up the buttocks and sexy jelly

The buttocks sexy underwear is a more tight sexy underwear. Its feature is to close the hips, making the hip shape more charming.Commonly used in sexy, plump and other occasions.This sexy underwear is mostly extended, helping facial physical challenges.

3. Lace Lian Sports Lingerie

Lace even bodywear underwear is a very special sexy underwear. Due to the design of the underwear and conjoined body, it is small on the coverage.It is usually composed of lace and other thin materials, and it is the kind of underwear that best reflects women’s softness.

4. Fairy Shop

Frequent busty underwear is usually made of special viscous materials. It can stick the breasts together and highlight the sexy effect.It is more suitable for shoulder straps or low -cut clothes, making women have a natural cleavage, showing the best body proportion.

5. Interest stockings

Interesting stockings are the most basic accessories of women. It is characterized by covering women’s legs with the lightest materials. Through color and texture, it creates a sexy leg curve for women.Stockings have a variety of colors and textures to choose from. For example, pure black stockings show tight beautiful legs, and purple stockings show a noble and gorgeous feeling.

6. Silk sleeping and sleeping skirt

The silk sleeping skirt is one of the most favorite underwear for women. Because of its surface luster, it emphasizes the softness of women.This underwear is often worn above the pajamas or yukata, making women more elegant and charming.

7. Interesting lace long skirt

Fun lace skirt is a sexy clothing similar to ordinary long skirts, consisting of lace and other soft materials.It is often used as a dress -themed party to create a sexy and elegant temperament for women.

8. Perspective sexy underwear

Performing erotic underwear is a new design of sexy underwear, which is composed of transparent materials. It provides more room for women.Perspective underwear often uses artistic methods such as lace and embroidery to make various strange shapes, creating a sexy and blurred atmosphere.

9. Customized sexy sheets

Customized erotic underwear is a reflection of women’s personalized needs.It is not only suitable for ladies to wear, but also a good gift choice.Designers can tailor various luxurious, elegant or sexy sexy underwear according to the customer’s needs.

10. Interesting accessories

Interest accessories are decorations with sexy underwear, including sexual high -heeled shoes, handcuffs, collar, eye masks, whip and other items.These accessories can better set off women’s sexy charm and make specific scenes more exciting.


There are many types of sexy underwear. As long as you choose the one that suits your body, and combined with some combinations, you can create an endless interesting atmosphere.However, when playing with these sex products, you should also pay attention to health and safety.After all, sexy and healthy and safety are inseparable.

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