Interesting underwear pictures Daquan without ban cocs

Interesting underwear pictures Daquan without ban cocs

Interesting underwear pictures Daquan without ban cocs


With the development of society, sexual culture has become more and more valued.As an important part of sexual culture, sexy underwear has become a hobby in the hearts of many people.However, many people face great trouble when choosing sexy underwear, how to choose a sexy lingerie style that suits them. Let’s take a look at the recommendation of sexy underwear pictures.

Bikini type

Bikini -type sexy underwear is composed of triangular bra and low -waist small triangle pants. It can show women’s sexy chest and sexy buttocks.Bikini -type sexy underwear is suitable for proportioned women. If you want to look more coquettish, you can choose a style with lace lace or intricate silver metal chain.

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The lace type of sexy underwear is mainly composed of transparent lace or other lace materials. They are common in triangular bras and red lace coward skirts.The lace type of sexy underwear is light and transparent, sexy and chic. It is a common style commonly used in women in the past. It is suitable for tight women to wear.

Invisible perspective type

Invisible see -through -type erotic underwear is quite sexy. It is made from transparent or translucent materials.This sexy underwear can not only show the body curve of women, but also allow you to have a little mysterious and sexy naughty.The most representative is the transparent fog and invisible perspective underwear. This sexy underwear can perfectly present women’s sexy.

Bondage type

Funding type of sexy underwear usually has some such characteristics, that is, it has a tightening function of binding and suite type.It creates a sense of restraint that makes people feel happy and exciting in this sense of tightness.The most common style is that women use sexy underwear cat -style shoulder strap corset suits. Its corset and fantasy lace pants complement each other, and instantly become sexy ladies.


The characteristics of tight -fitting sexy underwear are to wrap the exposed skin tightly to highlight sexy and beauty.The type of tightness conforms to the needs of modern women’s body bodybuilding. It focuses on improving the curve and lines of the figure, showing the beautiful posture of women.Like the Shanghai Dream Lady Lady’s Instead, the design, the personal design, which shows both body lines, but also gives people a different sexy feeling.



A kimono -type sexy underwear originated from Japanese pornography, and it usually shows a clean and innocent and charming temperament.A kimono -type erotic lingerie is unique, and the sleeves and body parts that are often handled by deliberate processing can make you experience the feeling of excitement.Japanese -style kimono sexy underwear suits are very Japanese -style, and it is integrated with Japan’s Harajuku trend. The style is full of small and fresh flavors.

French sexy underwear type

The most representative type of French sexy underwear is a suspender suit and a beret. It is very suitable for women with pure temperament. It focuses on the charm and temperament of women.Our recommendation is French fresh printed erotic underwear suit, with fresh and beautiful design, transforming into an elegant French girl.

Student service type

The design of the student’s service comes from the beautiful memories of students. This sexy lingerie style is suitable for those women with a thin and lovely atmosphere.Student service types of sexy underwear will give people a feeling of nostalgia in the past.The most recommended is the eye -catching student’s sexy lingerie suit. It looks good and sexy, and is one of the most popular types.

Natural material type

Natural material -type sexy underwear is mainly focused on the texture and color of the material. They are usually made of soft materials, such as silk, cotton, linen, etc.The erotic underwear composed of natural materials is not only comfortable and comfortable, but also shows a sexy texture.The most recommended is the tulle to see through the lace sexy underwear, showing a charming curve, and it will not make you feel stereotyped.


The above is the full content of the colorful lingerie picture Daquan.The types of sexy underwear are very diverse. Each type of sex underwear has its own characteristics. Different styles are suitable for different figures, temperament and styles.If you want to wear a sexy temperament, you should also pay attention to your body and temperament. Choosing the right sexy underwear is an essential link.