Female women in the Republic of China

Female women in the Republic of China


In recent years, sexy underwear, as a product of a fashion culture, has been loved by modern young people.The early history can be traced back to the period of the Republic of China, and one of the women is famous for her designed sexy underwear.This article will introduce the influence of this woman, her fame, and her influence on the sexy underwear industry.

Who is that woman?

The woman was named Jiang Wenlan, a famous fashion designer during the Republic of China.She is proficient in the needle line and is good at tailoring. His works are fashionable and bold.Jiang Wenlan is a legend in the field of clothing design.The fate of her and sexy underwear comes from a coincidence.

Her fame

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When Jiang Wenlan was running her own fashion store, a female guest consulting her for a sexy pajamas. Jiang Wenlan did not have any sexy pajamas design and production experience at the time, but she decided to try it. After many attempts and modifications, she finally finally.Designed an unprecedented sexy underwear.

Her sexy underwear characteristics

Jiang Wenlan’s sexy underwear is characterized by mixing with lace and gauze. It has a unique shape and changes the traditional pajamas into a display of fashion culture.At the same time, Jiang Wenlan was also very high quality and softness of the material during design, so that the wearer felt the skin -friendly sense.This sexy underwear was widely welcomed by women, and at the time, it also had great advanced and fashionable significance.

She opened the sexy underwear market

At that time, the fun underwear was not mentioned and operated. Jiang Wenlan’s design made people curious and interested in the sex underwear market.After her promotion, sex underwear slowly was recognized by society and gradually formed her own market.

Her influence on the sex underwear industry

Jiang Wenlan opened the precedent of the love underwear of the Republic of China, and also provided a lot of creative inspiration for the sexy underwear industry.Her design and production standards provide a lot of reference and reference for future generations, which has promoted the development and growth of the sexy underwear industry.

Her influence on modern sexy underwear

Jiang Wenlan’s sexy underwear is not the overall range of modern sex lingerie, but her influence as a famous fashion designer provides a reference for the fashion style of the last generation of sexy underwear.At the same time, her ideas and philosophy injected deeper fashion elements into modern sexy underwear, full of cultural connotation and higher aesthetic taste.



As an important page in the history of Chinese sexy underwear in the Republic of China, Jiang Wenlan’s famous work has also opened the road to the development of Chinese sexy underwear.Nowadays, the sexy underwear industry has continued to develop under the dual effects of technological innovation and cultural integration, showing a more wonderful side for modern women.